20 Free Photoshop Actions for Graphic and Web Designers


Adobe Photoshop actions are essential tools for designers that can be used to ease their workflow. These automated scripts do all the work for you in just a few seconds and can be real time-savers when it comes to repetitive tasks.  Whether they are used to export files, add filters/textures/shadows, resize, etc. Photoshop actions are perfect for any graphic or web designer.

These free Photoshop actions are ready to be downloaded and some of them include video tutorials or step-by-step guidance on how to use them. The actions are really easy to add to your PSD file. They come pre-designed with the tasks recorded so that all you need to do is just select your files or layers and press play.

All of these 20 free Photoshop actions are available to download and use for both personal and commercial purposes. Check them out and see which one is useful for you!

iOS 7 Blur

iOS 7 blur is a Photoshop action that adds a blur effect to the top layer of any top layer.  This Adobe Photoshop action is created by Matt Smith and it requires a little customization to get the final result but it is worth it.


No More Banding

No More Banding action is created by Jeff Broderick. This Photoshop action clears any banding effect but, on the downside, it adds more to the file size. It is a simple technique, all you have to do is to choose the action and press play.


PSD TO PNG Automator

This Automator transforms a PSD file, with all its layers, in a png. This action converts very easily your files. All you have to do is just drag n’ drop the files in the action. Enjoy!


Magnifying Action

The magnifying action is very useful for presentations. It adds a moving magnifying to the PSD file and everything else is blurred. This is a great Photoshop action for all designers to use to showcase their work.


Save For iOS

This action is created by ENVOY agency mainly for iOS export. This action derives from the same idea as save for web but it is optimized for all retina and not retina screens.


Long Shadow

Long shadow action adds a 3D shadow on any kind of layer. This awesome Photoshop action gives you the possibility to customize  the direction and the length of the shadow. And, of course, it’s free to use. Download and enjoy!


Bjango Actions

Bjango is a collection with a lot of actions to choose from. Take a look! Also, Bjango has more free items for designers, like Photoshop scripts, hazel rules, all free.


ScreenShot Photoshop

The ScreenShot action make a skewed screenshot from a regular one. It is like someone has taken a photo of your computer screen. This type of image may be useful for some of your presentations.


Retinize It

Retinize helps you build retina copies of both icons and interfaces. This awesome Adobe Photoshop action is mostly for optimizing your design for websites with retina display.


Export To SVG

This freebie allows you to easily export vector layers and graphics from PSD to an SVG. This is an action created for both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but only from CS5 versions or newer ones.


Stereo Display

Stereo display is an Adobe Photoshop action that makes an awesome 3d effect using shadows and skewed edges. When downloading the file you will get a video tutorial to help you get the most of this action. Enjoy!


iPhone 6/6+ Actions

iPhone 6/6+ is a Photoshop action that is created to help you facilitate the workflow when designing for iOS devices. This action organizes all your graphics from you PSD file into retina dimensions.



Artista is a great Adobe Photoshop action that allows you to manipulate photos, images, designs. It is really easy to use just by brushing the desired area and then click play. You can choose to create energetic lines or paint filters. Check it out!



Lorem picsum is an Adobe Photoshop action that is really easy to use. You can use it from a PSD file as an action and also from a direct URL. Check it out and see if is useful for your work.



Pixel2Vector is a free Photoshop action created by Michael Tzscheppan. It is a great PSD action that can be a real time-saver. Pixel2Vector converts automatically any layer that uses pixels into a vector shape.


GUI Automation Toolbox

GUI automation toolbox is an action that helps you ease your design workflow. It suits both Android and iOS designs and is works in Adobe Photoshop and in Illustrator.


3D Isometric Actions

This action, Mapita, is the easiest way to convert a flat map into a 3d styled design. It comes with 3 styles that use sand, snow or grass. Once you have your 3d map converted you can add buildings, trees or other 3d objects to make it more realistic.


Wallpaper Maker

Wallpaper maker is a freebie action that automatically generates wallpapers and exports them in all sizes you may need. It has never been easier to export your wallpaper for any type of screen.


Browser UI

Browser UI is an Adobe Photoshop action that adds a browser window to any PSD file. This action is really useful if you want to check out how your design will look in a browser.


Flat Browser UI

Flat browser UI is another Photoshop action that adds a browser template to you existing PSD file. Try it out and see if it is the best thing for you!


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