20 Smart Free WordPress Plugins for Content Creation and Optimization


WordPress comes with many useful features that can help you tremendously for creating new content, that is why it’s the no.1 blogging CMS on the web. If you need even more features, you can always add more functionalities to WordPress by simply adding various plugins. These can solve a specific problem you have or maybe automate repetitive tasks. These plugins are meant to increase your website functionality and help you create content better and faster. You can also use these plugins to check and improve your SEO.

Here you have 20 smart, free WordPress plugins for content creation and optimization. Check them out and see what they offer and how can they help you generate or manage your content.


TablePress gives you all the necessary tools to create and manage complex tables. You can import or export data from or to Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files.


Rich Text Tags

You can use this neat WordPress plugin to edit term description with WYSIWYG editor. Take a look and see what it has to offer and add it to your website.


YouTube Embed Plugin

You can use this plugin to add a visual search for YouTube videos, channels and playlists. Check out its full features and see if you can use it for your website.


HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

This plugin comes in handy when editing the code in WordPress text editor. This editor syntax highlights the code making it easier to identify.


TinyMCE Advanced

This WordPress plugin lets you insert, remove and manage the buttons that are visible in the visual editor toolbar. You can edit their font size, font family, text, background colors, tables, and more.


Widget Content Blocks

You can use this WordPress plugin to make your text widget more user-friendly. You can use widget content block to format text, add images, and more.



Note is an easy-to-use widget that lets you manage parts of texts directly in your WordPress customizer. This is a unique plugin that is very useful and time-saving.

Note---A-live-edit-text-widget-—free WordPress plugins for content creation

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode lets you easily add bootstrap 3.0.3 styles in your own pages, posts. Take a look and see what it has to offer and what it can do for your website.


Advanced Excerpt

This is a neat WordPress plugin that lets you manage the appearance of post excerpts. You can customize the length of auto-generated excerpts, retain HTML formatting, and more.


Word Stats

Word Stats is a great WordPress plugin that you can use to analyze content. It provides the following information:  word counters, top keywords, and more.


Editorial Calendar

This editorial calendar is a useful WordPress plugin that you can use to have a better view on your posts. You can use this to manage your content making sure that everything is as you want.


Easy Content Templates

You can use this neat WordPress plugin to rapidly create and define content templates for upcoming projects. This helps you display your content in a fresh manner.


Add Link to Facebook

This is a great WordPress plugin that automatically adds a link to Facebook pages, groups, etc. This is very useful because it is important to share your posts with as many people from your target audience.



Zedity is a neat WordPress plugin that you can use to create innovative posts and pages. You can do this very fast, with great results.

Zedity_-The-Best-Way-To-Create-Your-Posts-&-Pages-free WordPress plugins for content creation

Edit Flow

Edit Flow is a great plugin that you can use to collaborate with your editorial team via WordPress. It has a modular structure and you can customize it to meet your requirements.


PrePost SEO

PrePost SEO, as the name states, makes an SEO analysis of your content checking plagiarism, duplicate content, broken links, keyword density, meta tags, images optimization, etc.


WP Keyword Suggest

Here is a neat WordPress plugin that gives you keyword suggestions. This will help with the SEO optimization of your content.


Search Everything

You can use this neat WordPress plugin to improve your search functionalities. All you need to do is to activate, configure the options, and search.


SEO Internal Links

SEO Internal Links is a useful WordPress plugin that automatically gives you SEO internal links for your website, keywords, etc. This is a real time-saver and a very useful tool for your websites.

SEO-Internal-Links-—-WordPress-Plugins free WordPress plugins for content creation


ImageInject is a great WordPress plugin that eases the process of inserting images into your posts. Take a look and see what it has to offer. Enjoy!


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