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20 Free JS Plugins with Incredible Effects

Scattered Polaroids gallery effect

Looking for some free JS plugins with incredible effects? We found exactly what you need. These 20 free JS plugins are truly unique and most of all they’re free to use! Save time with these great free JS plugins. Want more cool JS plugins? Check out these carousel plugins, lightbox plugins, search forms and typography plugins! They will surely help ... Read More »

20 Best Free UI Kits with Amazing Designs

UI kit for web designers PSD

Free UI kits are very useful to designers. UI kits usually contain buttons, inputs, button groups, selects, checkboxes and radio-buttons, tags, menus, progress bars and sliders, navigation elements and more. Here you’ll find free PSD GUI sets for web apps, websites, dashboards and even mobile! We’ve searched for the top best free UI kits you can add to your graphic design ... Read More »

20 Professional and Free Online Website Builders

Professional and Free Online Website Builders

Do you need a professional website and lack the design or developing skills? No problem! There are plenty of great, free online website builders you can use. You can create your stunning website in just minutes! We selected 20 free online website builders just for you! Create your new website today! WiX Create a free website with Wix.com. Customize with Wix’ website ... Read More »

20 Newest Free Icon Packs Every Designer Should Have!

Softies – 44 free PSD icons

Free icon packs! Fresh and high quality! This is what we prepared for you today. We selected 20 of the best, newest and free icon packs we could find on the web. These cool, free icon packs were designed by some really talented designers who were kind enough to give them for free! Download and add them to your freebies ... Read More »

20 Free jQuery Search Forms

Free jQuery Search Forms to Use on Your Website

The search form is a very important part of a website. It helps improve usability and your readers can easily find what they’re looking for. If you don’t have a search form on your website yet, or you just want to replace your old search form with a better-looking one, these free jQuery search forms will come in handy! We ... Read More »

20 Best Premium and Free Image Hover Effect Plugins

Free Image Hover Effect Plugins for Your Website

If you have a website or blog with images and graphics as the main elements of focus, rather than text, then you MUST have a cool image hover effect plugin installed. We selected 20 premium and free image hover effect plugins (mostly free), to help you add great image effects to your website. Hover effects will encourage your readers to ... Read More »

20 Free Drupal Themes with Professional Designs

Free Drupal Themes with Professional Designs

Before we show you these great, free Drupal themes, here’s something about the Drupal platform. Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It allows you to easily organize, manage and publish your content, with an endless variety of customization. Today we selected 20 free Drupal themes with professional designs! You can use these to set ... Read More »

20 Newest Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Newest Free Responsive WordPress themes

Free responsive WordPress themes are a very popular search term on the web. If you want to start your website fast and with little or no investment, then these free responsive WordPress themes are just perfect for you! We selected 20 of the newest free responsive WordPress themes on the web, with wonderful, professional designs and user-friendly layouts! If you ... Read More »

20 Fantastic Free Behance Fonts for Designers

Fantastic Free Behance Fonts for Designers

Every designer loves new, high quality fonts! Stay updated and focus on the latest trends! Behance is a great source of freebies and today we found some of the best free fonts for designers. We selected 20 awesome free Behance fonts made by some really talented artists. Check them out! Want more cool fonts? Look at these Free 3D Fonts .  Otama ... Read More »

Top 20 Best Fonts Every Designer Should Have

FF Tisa Sans

Any designer loves new typefaces! We have to stay updated and focus on the trends. Typography is a very important aspect of  a designer, whether it is logo, print or even web design you’re doing! Today, we selected some really awesome fonts made in 2013 by some really talented artists. Check them out! Here is our selection of the top 20 ... Read More »