20 Fun Cartoon Design Tutorials


If you’re passionate about cartoons and either work as a cartoon illustrator or simply practice drawing cartoons as a hobby, these fun cartoon design tutorials will surely help you out!

These tutorials will teach you how you can start from basic shapes and develop them to achieve great results. You can use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Corel DRAW, depending on your preferences.

These fun cartoon tutorials offer step-by-step guidance and are easy to follow.  You can create beautiful cartoons from a sketch in no time! You can also create vector illustrations, mascots, or just about anything you imagine.

Use this collection of 20 fun cartoon design tutorials to exercise your techniques and to get inspired for future designs.

How to draw a character with shapes & pen tool

This tutorial teaches you to draw  a cartoon character in Photoshop. No special drawing skills needed. Just use your imagination and use shapes and the pen tool. Be creative!


How to create a simple kawaii Yeti with basic shapes

Follow this tutorial to create in no time a cute yeti monster. You will use Adobe Illustrator and tools such as width tool, strokes, etc.


How to draw a cartoon waiter

Create a funny cartoon waiter carrying a food tray. This will help you make other characters such as a doctor,  a fireman and more.how-to-create-a-simple-cartoon-waiter

How to create a Retro Fox

Check out this easy to follow project in Adobe Illustrator that uses basic shapes, nice colors, warp tool and more.


How to create an elegant patterned vector owl

This tutorial helps you build step-by-step a beautiful vector owl using shading and patterns.


How to draw a cute monster

Look at this cute monster you can design in 63 steps! This tutorial will help you build other cute characters in the future.


How to design a mascot

This is a great tutorial that teaches you how to design a mascot from just a sketch to a nice illustration.


How to create a cute Gingerbread Man

This cute gingerbread man awaits for you to design it. Start with this tutorial and get some inspiration for your next projects.


How to create a cute raccoon character

Create an adorable raccoon character with basic shapes with this awesome tutorial. Nice and easy!


How to create a cute hairy vector monster

Pay attention to this easy tutorial to create a hairy vector monster. Isn’t it cute?


How To Create a Cool Vector Yeti Character

Create a cute illustration of a yeti character with these easy to follow techniques.


How to create a grumpy face

Complete, in just 12 simple steps, a grumpy bear face cartoon design. This easy tutorial will show you exactly how to do it!


How to create a minion

Ever wanting to make a minion character? Get started with this tutorial in Photoshop and Illustrator.


How to create a friendly, futuristic robot

This tutorial gives you step-by-step guidance to completely create this friendly robot.


How to illustrate an autumn girl

Start from a sketch and design this beautiful illustration of a girl enjoying autumn.


How to create a fun, red-haired boy

Use this video tutorial to design a funny red-haired boy in Photoshop. This tutorial can be easily adapted for other similar characters as well.


How to create a killer chainsaw bunny

Using the pen tool you can make this cartoon of a killer chainsaw bunny. Let’s start creating!


How to create a cute vector reindeer

Using basic shapes and this amazing tutorial you can easily create this vector reindeer. Winter is coming! Prepare yourself for Christmas themed design projects!


How to illustrate a summer girl

Create this nice girl illustration in no time by following this tutorial. It shows you how to use this awesome illustration style which can be ideal for children’s books.


How to draw a fun cartoon face

Using Adobe Illustrator and this step-by-step tutorial you can make this fun cartoon. It can be used to easily create mascots.


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