23 Hand-Picked Web Design Tools for Feature-Rich Websites


Building a website or an app can be a real challenge. Without the proper tools, it can take days, weeks, or even longer to create a user-friendly, esthetically pleasing  website that will work smoothly. Fortunately, there are shortcuts!

The days of building websites and apps from scratch are gone. Nowadays, you can get everything you need like music players, location apps, cool effects for your website’s content, or entire templates that you can customize however you want in order to achieve a desired look.

With just a few clicks, you can turn a dull website into a modern and beautiful one. Best of all, by using various design tools you’ll not only improve the aesthetic look of you website, but also its functionality, keeping it up to date by using the best technology available and making it easy to navigate with the help of user-friendly designs.

Here are 23 hand-picked web design tools that will surely make your life easier, and your website or app more interactive. With plugins and scrips like Rich Snippets, Dash, HelloPins, and DELUCKS, your website or web app will surely stand out, the user’s experience will be enhanced, and the time required for your work will be drastically cut.

Custom Thank You Pages Per Product for WooCommerce

The Custom Thank You Pages from WooCommerce will help you create an original thank you page per product that can be linked to WordPress, or any other website.

Custom-Thank-You-Pages-Per-Product-for-WooCommerce hand-picked web design tools

WooCommerce Availability Notifications

This feature will notify customers about an item’s availability by allowing for customization of product stock availability notifications for in stock, low stock, out of stock, and backordered items.


Flat Weather jQuery Plugin

The Flat Weather jQuery Plugin is ideal for dashboards and sidebars, as it lets you switch from one weather API source to another without interfering with your front-end code.


Super Backup & Clone – Migrate for WordPress

The WP Super Backup is a trustworthy backup solution that offers peace of mind by periodically saving your work.


Boomchat – Responsive PHP/AJAX Chat

Boomchat is an easy-to-use php chat script that comes packed with a variety of unique features that promise a userfriendly and interactive experience.


Hero Login Styler – WP Login Screen Customizer

Hero Login Styler lets you create elegant and professional WP login screens. This is one of the best hand-picked web design tools in this list!


iOS Back to Location – Your Hotel, Car or Other

iOS Back to Location helps you pinpoint and save multiple locations, helping you find your way back with ease.


Step form wizard

This jQuery plugin generates fully responsive step navigation for your website.


WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping lets you create multiple shipping methods based on your conditions with no coding required.


Dash – Responsive Bootstrap Dashboard Navbar

Dash is a responsive bootstrap dashboard navbar that allows you to easily organize and make your links  accessible.



HelloPins is an image pinboard creator for WP that enhances the look of your website and brings your ideas to life.

HelloPins hand-picked web design tools

Real 3D FlipBook – WordPress Plugin

The #1 selling flipbook on Envato Market, the Real 3D FlipBook for WP creates realistic books, magazines and brochures for your projects that will surely stand out.


Modern HTML5 Responsive Youtube Playlist Player

This is a responsive plugin that lets you display YouTube playlists on your website and allows you to customize its appearance in seconds.


VineScope Clone

The VineScope Clone is a Vine management system that lets you submit, share, and search for Vines.


DELUCKS SEO Plugin for WordPress

DELUCKS SEO plugin for WP allows for quick and extensive optimization of websites.


Material Design UI Android Template App

The UI Android Template App provides developers with the tools needed in order to create beautiful and interactive apps.


WooDrill – Mandrill For WooCommerce

WooDrill converts your WooCommerce shop to use Mandrill, making it easier to send emails by eliminating the SMTP server.

WooDrill---Mandrill-For-WooCommerce hand-picked web design tools

Pixie – Image Editor

Pixie is an a photo editing and manipulation app that uses html5 and javascript for improved performance and cross-device compatibility.


Parallaxer – Parallax Effects on Content

The Parallaxer is a script that adds a parallax effect to any html content.


WordPress Form Builder – Survey & Quiz – FSQM Pro

The WP FSQM Pro makes it easy to make a quiz, create a survey and gather feedback for your website.


Social Facebook Posts timeline PHP class

The Social SEO lets you use Facebook as your newsfeed on your website, allowing site visitors to share your posts to other social media.


Ionic Material Design

Ionic Material Design is an app that can be used for a variety of functions, like application storage, social networking, advertising, and much more. This is one of the hand-picked web design tools in this list which is perfect for material design lovers!


nearme – Starter for your own location based app

nearme is a fantastic tool for starting a location based app by allowing the user to map and filter points of interest in a given area and share them with others.


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