Hottest Web Design Trends You Need to Be Aware of in 2017


Time goes by. As 2017 starts, designers continue to expand web design trends, which are more competitive than ever. Every ambitious business owner strives to provide extraordinary service using attractive and modern website. As a result, we need to look into the future and know the latest web design trends allowing to be one step ahead of the competition.

So as to trends, we should keep in mind that all they are influenced by different industries, such as media, culture, fashion, time and indeed technology. It never emerges all of a sudden and disappears to nowhere. Instead, it takes some time to peak, change its form or become overused; and this is a never-ending process. Day by day designers continue to introduce new software and technologies to expand web design possibilities.

Let’s make a step forward and predict some hottest web design trends, which can be implemented efficiently. As of today, some of them have already become a necessity and some of them just have gained popularity due to particular features. In other words, keep your finger on the pulse on these incredibly challenging and innovative trends.

Mobile-First Design


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There’s no news that the use of mobile platforms and handheld devices continues to grow. Additionally, Google favors mobile-friendly websites and rank them much higher in the search results. One of the most important tasks as of today lies in providing a better user experience and avoiding losing potential customers. As a result, mobile-friendly websites would be rewarded with better rankings. In addition, be ready to follow age-responsive design, which allows adapting to a specific age competency of the user.

Unique Broken Grids

If used properly the broken grid provides a visually engaging appearance, which adds some particularity to the storytelling of your products. It was long believed, that the grid ensured consistency, balance, and order. Not anymore! Designers and developers are striving to experiment with design and open up new creative possibilities in using of layers, depth, and motion. Broken grid layouts appear to ignore the traditional column structure and thus create a decline.

Focus on Stylized and Flashy Typography


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As the time moves on, more and more websites are choosing Google web Fonts for their rich opportunities and regular updates. It is not a secret, that stylized and flashy lettering can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a page. Designers experiment with larger and smaller fonts to create the more visually dynamic website. It takes some time to find the needed typeface, but as a result, you ensure a strong and unordinary effect of your brand. Help your visitors to percept your web page in a more entertaining way.

Full-screen Forms and Sigh-Ups

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Traditional popups are becoming a thing of the past. The full-screen forms and sigh-ups are taking the leading place as of today. The best thing about them is that they do not interrupt you from the web page. No worthless clicks, no manual close, just scroll it down smoothly and move on. Create a website which performs more interesting and less annoying.

Card Layouts

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Card layouts are becoming a popular trend for heavy content based websites. This is a great option to represent your content properly and perform it smoothly across all screen sizes. These card-based modules provide a better organization and structure appearance of your web page. It looks nice and clean on any screen size. More freeform modules are going to arise in the future.

Product Explainer Videos

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Product explainer videos and video backgrounds are getting very popular nowadays. This option has become more available within the creative marketing industry. More and more videos appear to make your content much valuableand to boost engagement in social media. Add some dynamic to your static imagery and catch the eye of your visitors in a more efficient way. This is an alternative to reading a lot of content the user may not need. So there is an option to recommend a better use of video across the whole website. Investing in new equipment and video studios seems like a great alternative for making the most of this.

Gradients and Vibrant Colors

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Gradients and Bright Colors are being implemented to add more energy and passion into a project. You may find more vibrant and bright colors in different industries. They can provide a strong brand effect and highlight some UI elements. Using a combination of tints and tones you become absolutely unique and visually creative design.

Advanced Animation and GIFs

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Rich, clever and advanced animation is another great way to make your website to stand out from competitors. It seems to be like never ending trend in the web design game. In short, the touch of animation enhances the user interaction and turn your web page into a great and outstanding one. Indeed, if used properly it grabs the attention of the visitor.



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Microinteractions surround us daily from setting an alarm, pinning posts or to choosing a password. These single tasks are the latest trend, which makes the user to interact with a website and help to measure its interactivity level. These simple but powerful messages offer an intuitive way of interaction with the web page. They offer to simplify the navigation process and represent the variety of choices available.

Customized Images

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Indeed, you don’t want to have the same imagery as your competitors. With this in mind, custom imagery and illustrations can provide your website with something extraordinary and unique. This is another great way to apply a variety of possibilities in order to represent your personality and capture the attention of your visitors. In fact, you have a matter of seconds to impress and interact with them in the most appealing way. As a result, you provide a trustworthy and unique concept of your brand and appropriate business tone.

Being a smart business owner you need to keep up with all the latest web design trends in order to succeed in this virtual market. Think carefully before using a trendy element for your web page. Think first, put yourself into your targeting audience’s shoes and then only start working with trends. All these hottest web design trends have only to add some engagement and real value to your business presence online and make it stand out from competitors for sure. Keep in mind that this is an ever-changing field full of innovations.

Below please find a list of useful links, which can help you understand and implement those web design trends efficiently and cost-effective:

Good luck in improving your workflow!

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