Ideaboard, A Portable Whiteboard Giveaway


Today we have a very useful and innovative giveaway from the folks at Ideafuel.  They want to make sure you enjoy your work.  They are giving away sketching templates printed on whiteboard sheets that you can use and reuse.  Speaking of green, they have made it easy for you to carry these sheets with you in a standard three-ring binder, so you can take it to your favorite park and bask in the rays of inspiration and relaxation.  You also have a chance to win an ideaboard – a sleek multi-functional portfolio for your templates.

Don’t delay – the giveaway will end on September 6th!

Update: Ideaboard launched their kick-starter campaign – Ideate. Plan. Collaborate. Present.

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2 thoughts on “Ideaboard, A Portable Whiteboard Giveaway”

  1. Hi,

    I have bought last night, now i can say its awesome product for artists.
    Thanks for the awesome tool Bhushan

    Also Bhushan website looks good.

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