How to Import Images into Adobe Flash


This tutorial discusses how to import images into Adobe Flash, including static images, PSD as well as movie clips.


Before I begin – for those of you who want an easy way out of this tutorial, you can create a free website with Wix that will look like a very professional website. Now for those who are still interested in going through with the tutorial, I will continue.

First open a new document.

If you use Flash CS3 like me then choose Actionscript 2. Like this


Click ok and take the settings like below.

Now you can press Ctrl+F8 to make a new symbol. And name it logo_mc.

So now that you are in the movie clip . Go File –>> Import–>> Import to library.

This is what you should have then .

Now drag it on to the stage and now you can start working with the logo because
its in a movie clip.


Maybe you can download the same clip that I’m gonna use.

Right click on it and save it. In flash you need to make another movie clip and call it ani_mc.

Make sure that you are still in the ani_mc.

In the screen bellow you will see in what you are working.

Go to file and import to stage.

Once flash imported all the images the your time line in the movie clip should look like this.

Now if you want the animation to stop in frame 26 then click on frame 26 and hit F9.

Tour actions window should pop up . And give in the same as in the picture below.

And if you now drag your movie clip onto the stage in Scene1 and hit Ctrl+enter then the clip will play till frame 26.


This can be a big help if you want to make a site in flash . And its got alot of diffrent parts.

I will you a button for this tutorial just so you see what i mean .


Ok, make another file with the settings like below.

And you can use these settings.

Got to file import to Library . And select the PSD file you want
to import.

Then you should see this window.

If you click OK then it will make a folder with all the single images in it.
Like this.

Now if you like how it is then simple make a new movieclip .

And drag this file on the the stage in movieclip psd1_mc.

And then you can align it like this.

now a good tip is to make sure that you have some order in your library .

My library at the end looks like this. It will make everything a lot better to
work with.

So thats the end of this tutorial, Hope you learned something out of it. If you want an easy way out, you can always create a free professional flash website with Wix, so that you don’t have to bother with importing images : )

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