20+ Smart Advertising Projects You Will Remember

The 40 Most Powerful Ads We Have Ever Seen. These Will Make You Think Hard About Important Social Issues

Looking for some inspiration for your future advertisement projects? Look no further! These smart advertising projects will offer you a huge dose of design inspiration. These are absolutely incredible and some of the concepts are pure genius! In this list of 20 creative advertising projects you will find some great ads created by popular agencies and very talented designers. The advertisement …

Iggy Ko20+ Smart Advertising Projects You Will Remember

33 Smart and Creative Signage Design Projects

White Space

As Wikipedia defines it, signage refers to the design or use of signs and symbols to communicate a message to a specific group, usually for the purpose of marketing or a kind of advocacy. Signage means any kind of graphic that is used to deliver information to a large group of people. It can show information, direction, identification or safety regulations. Labeling …

Iggy Ko33 Smart and Creative Signage Design Projects

30 Clever and Creative Packaging Designs

@Maureen Milano of the World Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery Caffè Cortesia

Preparing to launch a new product or just want some design inspiration for your next creative packaging designs? These clever and creative packaging designs will surely amaze you with their awesome and smart concepts and perfect quality! You don’t have to bring a completely unique product on the market! An awesome and easy to remember packaging design will make a …

Iggy Ko30 Clever and Creative Packaging Designs

29 Extremely Creative Print Design Projects You’ll Love

At This Rate

Looking for some print design inspiration? Take a look at these extremely creative print design projects! The concepts, ideas and quality of work in these creative design projects will surely amaze you too! In this list of 29 creative print design projects created by some very talented designer teams, you will find various types of print design projects, from posters, books and …

Iggy Ko29 Extremely Creative Print Design Projects You’ll Love

Best Design News of the Week: June 20, 2015 – WebDesignDev

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In this new weekly roundup, we are bringing you the best design news stories from around the web, starting with news from June 15 to June 20, 2015. To keep track of all the interesting designer news, you can check out Web Designer News site, a place where you can read the newest designer stories. In case you missed some of the top stories for this …

Iggy KoBest Design News of the Week: June 20, 2015 – WebDesignDev

25 Inspirational Branding Design Projects

Botanica Real Food

Branding is very important and should go hand in hand with your marketing and PR strategies. A strong brand always has a beautiful logo design, it’s easy to remember and keeps a close relationship with its clients. Whether you’re a brand owner or a designer, these 25 inspirational branding design projects will surely help you understand how you can have …

Iggy Ko25 Inspirational Branding Design Projects

20 Eye-Catching Facebook Covers + Design Tips!

Be Different

Did you know that creative, eye-catching Facebook covers will surely help you attract more clients for you or your business? You shouldn’t leave your Facebook cover undesigned! A creative Facebook cover will definitely separate your brand from the rest. All of these creative Facebook covers designs have great details, beautiful designs and will be a great source of inspiration for you. …

Iggy Ko20 Eye-Catching Facebook Covers + Design Tips!

Introducing Web Designer News


Many of you who read WebDesignDev regularly are probably reading content from other major web design blogs as well. You probably even scan through tens or hundreds of daily rss feed posts just to find something useful to read. Up until now, this was the only way to get latest news on web design. That is, until WebdesignerNews.com has launched. …

Web DesignIntroducing Web Designer News

20 Must-Watch TED Talks on Creativity and Design

3 ways good design makes you happy

In case you didn’t already know, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an invitation-only event where the world’s leading thinkers and doers gather to find inspiration. These TED talks can be viewed also on their website and cover a wide variety of subjects. For today’s dose of design inspiration, we selected some of the most interesting, must-watch TED talks on creativity and …

Iggy Ko20 Must-Watch TED Talks on Creativity and Design

20 Incredibly Awesome Polygon-Styled Designs

Awesome Polygon-Styled Designs

Polygon backgrounds are a very popular design trend now and more and more designers are starting to incorporate it in their work. Polygon-styled designs look great used in app showcases, presentations, wallpapers, website backgrounds, prints, ads and more! If you don’t know how to use this polygon backgrounds trend in your designs, we selected 20 awesome polygon-styled designs to give you some extra inspiration! …

Iggy Ko20 Incredibly Awesome Polygon-Styled Designs