15 Creative WordPress Header Designs


There are millions of WordPress blogs on the internet, so to make your blog stand out from the heavy crowd you need to make it really stand out! The following blogs have some eyecatching creative WordPress header designs to attract attention, and they have succeeded. Many web gallery’s feature the websites listed here, and their designs have sparked much discussion and inspiration across the internet. I hope you enjoy looking at the sites below. It would be interesting to see how they created their stunning headers.

The Active Organic

The Active Organic Creative WordPress Header Designs

The Active Organic’s header has a nice banner with some really cool graphics. It also offers a secondary menu and a visible RSS feed icon in the upper right corner.

Tut Candy

Tut Candy Creative WordPress Header Designs

Tut Candy’s header is all about cool vector illustrations! The awesomely designed header banner is acompanied by a cool, simple black menu and a search bar.

Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall

WebDesignerWall’s header is full of colored swirls and vectors. It was designed in a girly, feminine manner, using mostly pastel colors.

Cult Foo

Cult Foo

Cult Foo’s pastel colored header is not only beautiful because of its design but it also has an unusual element, a tag cloud in the upper part of the website. Interesting idea!


Ozon3 Creative WordPress Header Designs

Ozon3’s header has a beautiful, high quality vector illustration. The rest is pretty simple. The menu positioning is also interesting.

Amour Chaleur

Amour Chaleur Creative WordPress Header Designs

This is one great example of a nicely designed header with a cool vector illustration. The website’s mascot, panda bear, looks super cute and cuddly, every visitor would love it!

Charlie Writes

Charlie Writes

Charlie Writes header has a super cool concept that perfectly fits what the website is all about. It may look a bit too crowded but it has a nice theme.

Ascen Dance Radio

Ascen Dance Radio

Ascen Dance Radio’s website header design is a typical header for clubbing/music websites. It has large, vector illustration with vibrant colors.

Marks Digital Farm

Marks Digital Farm

This cool header design has the illustrated banner as the main element. It has a handmade feel and the drawings are very nice.


Matt Creative WordPress Header Designs

Matt’s unusual website header shows his amazing creative skills. The vectors are inspiring and the whole composition is a beautiful one.

N Design Studio

N Design Studio

This header has some very feminine elements, like roses and rainbows, designed in vector format. The pink peacock is also a nice detail.

Hey Josh

Hey Josh Creative WordPress Header Designs

This is another cool header for a personal website. The overall theme of the website is very nice and personalized to fit the owners traits.

Jason Bradbury

Jason Bradbury

This interesting, vibrant colored header filled with unusual vector illustrations has a nice, unique element added to it in the right corner, a book’s “Buy now”button!

Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot’s website header is abundant with nice vector graphics and colored elements. The white, large logo is the main point of attraction.


Octwelve Creative WordPress Header Designs

Octwelve is a freelancer’s personal portfolio website. He has drawn himself in a cartoonish, vector format illustration. It’s a very cool, personal detail!

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Iggy Ko15 Creative WordPress Header Designs

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  1. Nick Tart | JuniorBiz

    This is a great resource, Andy! I’m actually going to be redoing my header in the next few weeks and this post has given me a lot of inspiration.

    I haven’t been here for a few weeks, but I like the new design, Michael!

    1. Andy

      We are getting a new design next week. Will blow you away :)

      1. Aadil Pitafi

        Really? Can’t wait!


  2. Jasmin Halki?

    I like it.

  3. Stan

    Does WordPress charge for custom pages? I would love to customize mine, but am not sure how to go about doing that. I need to check with them and see. I love these headers though. They are sharp.

    1. Andy

      If you are hosting wordpress yourself, then no it wont cost. Not sure about if you are hosting with wordpress.com

      1. April

        Depends on the theme. I created a custom header for my blog and I use the Digg 3 Column theme.

  4. graphic design Melbourne

    nice list- very creative headers.
    I personally like all of these, although I can imagine that others might consider some of these just a tiny bit over the top.

  5. Abu Farhan

    so many beautiful headers, thanks for sharing

  6. Eric B.

    Very nice headers. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Bridget Casas

    If you have a WordPress hosted site, choose a template with a customizable header and put it in as an image. There will be no links or Flash or anything, but it will give you the look you want!

  8. Roman Rusinov

    I dont like it. I mean it might be ok for a poster or flyer. But web is already overflowing with this mash-collage-photoshopness, a lot ingredients but final product doesn’t taste good.

  9. Oliver

    Great set of headers and a great resource for some new inspiration. I like all of these designs and all are very creative. Thanks for sharing more great designs.

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  11. Will

    d’bug had a cool theme, they have simplified though. too bad. also, vimeo (the flash video player) has a really cool theme, but it is not wordpress http://www.vimeo.com/

  12. Alex Vorn

    Cool collection! Keep writing more showcases of great designs.. 😉

  13. Andy

    Thanks! Yes, the new design will be simply amazing!

  14. Adam

    Great post, thanks for the inspiration :-)

  15. Dicky

    These are all awesome custom headers! I like them very much and thanks for sharing!

  16. Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

    That was great. Lovely wordpress header designs. And these will really make your blog more attractive. I’ll definitely try some of them for my blog. Cheers.

  17. Jef

    Well done, great inspiration…

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  19. Wordpress Themes

    Truly great collection and very inspirational. I was looking for new ideas for my upcoming theme. I hope this will help.

  20. Murali Kumar

    Cool examples.
    Thanks for such an inspirational post.
    I am designing a wordpress theme for my blog, and this will really help me. :)

  21. Che - TUTcandy.com

    wooooo hooooooooo awesome list very proud to have a mention amongst all this talent.
    Keep up the good shiz 😉

  22. daddy design

    very nice examples.. they are definitely all out there.. think we need to do a wordpress site like this for our portfolio 😉

  23. donny/kertastisu Inc

    an awesome site. definitely great stuff… does the headers are free or be in charge. because i want it for my WP site which is about pre wedding & wedding photography, portrait photography, design and merchandise

  24. Saroj

    Very nice headers. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Vladimir

    Very nice collection, good job dudes :)

  26. Konstantin

    Great collection.. And Matt is there too 😉 cool!

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  28. Patrick

    Wow, what a great collection. I am loving it. Looking forward to hear more like this … Patrick

  29. Vlad Carp

    nicely dones

  30. Ferdinand

    nice inspiration :)

  31. new wp themes

    This will improve my wordpress blog a lot. Thx for all those usefull tips and tricks.

  32. ulisesart

    excelentes web

  33. bijusubhash

    Great collections…
    Thank you for inspiration 😀

  34. Bruno Moura

    I like it! :)

  35. Ashish

    Great inspirations and designs. N Design Studios does cut for me.

    1. Email marketing uk

      I had a look at the collection of sites which you have in your showcase. I am currently working on a WP theme so these fantastic sites have given me some great ideas.

  36. website design usa

    awesome designss… loved all of them.

  37. Ash

    Awesome headers! Thanks for sharing it. :)

    You have provided lots of idea for creating the stylish headers.


  38. Web Design

    Very creative and awesome headers. Very inspirational.

  39. Ledtvaanbieding

    Web Designer Depot is very nice

  40. Mandailing Natal

    thanks for sharing bro, i like it but not competible to my themes :(

  41. schoene

    I like this theme

  42. Jan

    These designs are so refreshing when you look at most of the fairly boring, conventional templates that WordPress has to offer. Shows what CAN be done with a bit of creativity!

  43. Web Design Bildeston

    Totally awesome designs!

    The Hey Josh one is brilliant, though all the designs are very inspiring.

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