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  1. Shane - Inspiring Your Success

    The first one is really nice. And of course Fused Hosting (if your looking for a host I will always recommend them above anyone else).

    I like looking at how people have done theirs, then looking at mine.. haha.

  2. Daniel

    Web forms always give a professional edge to a site, and some of these are definitely up that alley, good information to know, thanks

  3. Chris

    Nice forms around these days, sometimes I think its nice to get away from the standard rectangular input fields once in a while thou.


  4. 61pixels

    Thanks for listing my site! You have a really great collection here, a lot of inspiration to be found.

  5. guycalledseven

    free words of wisdom: don’t be tempted by the flashiness of teh fancy forms … if you have to be cross browser compliant. graceful degradation does not apply. your markup guys will hate you. :)

  6. Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

    We come across various login, contact and comment forms everyday and generally take them for granted. Your post will perhaps help some of us view them with a new perspective. Moreover, your collection is truly awesome especially “Unblab” and “Kgoule”. Thanks.

  7. africa safaris

    Hi! your work is …!! cant express my self just luv it if i want to learn how to do this things (basically designing/webdesigning) do i have to go to a classroom(because in kenya i dont think u will be taught this in class )?

    anyway will have to use ur tutorials for the time being

    i came across this form and its cool

    making it is the problem

    some help would be nice


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  9. robin

    It’s really creative! some really thought has been put in to these designs! im so glad that i have come accross this becasue now it has made me think about chnaging my contact us form

    thank you

  10. Ryan Blake

    I’m starting to get envious of how creative designers are, as a coder, I just cant be creative, blogs like this help a great deal though!

  11. Gareth

    Thanks. some good designs. Website login pages shouldn’t be so boring. Especially when they’re the front door to a website. Keep it clean and simple – can’t go wrong.

  12. Website Designer Dubai

    I was looking for something like this since I love jquery and I found it. Great List!

  13. sakshi

    Unlbab and Nasi Briyani Lounge are interesting . But thanks for sharing list of creative form which inspirated me.

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