20 Luxury B&B And Hotel Web Designs


I have taken the best bed and breakfast and hotel web designs, put them in a bowl, mixed them all up and put the result here on WebDesignDev. Yes that’s right, here is WebDesignDev’s showcase of the best looking bed and breakfast and hotel web designs. Some of these are actually beautiful and stand out from the competition.

I think that if a hotel / B&B has a very strong image, why not put that into their web design. There are so many websites out there that look, well, “NAF” compared to what the hotel / B&B looks like. The 20 listed here have put alot of effort into getting the perfect web design for their business.


1-trump Hotel Web Designs

This beautiful hotel web design has a pretty simple fullscreen layout. The amazing photo is what makes it so special and appealing to the visitors. 

Tomahawk Hotel Group

2-tomahawk Hotel Website Design

This is a more feminine hitel website with some vintage vector swirls in the background. The layout is simple and clean. 


3-travelodge Hotel Website Design

Travelodge is a more complex website used for searching the best hotels in UK. The search element is very well structured and user-friendly. 

Novotel Hotels

4-novotel Hotel Website Design

Novotel’s website is clean and modorn with a futuristic touch. The glossy, transparent menu goes great with the ultra-modern background. 


5-thistle Hotel Website Design

Thistle uses beautiful photography in the slider to catch the visitor’s attention. It also has a nice, simple designed, “Find a hotel” search element. 


6-jumeirah Hotel Website Design

Jumeirah’s website is clean and uses dark blues combined with metallic greys to create a professional atmosphere. 

Waldorf Astoria

7-waldorf-astoria Hotel Website Design

Beautiful photos are a must for hotel web designs. This is one great example of a hotel website with a simple, modern slider on the homepage. 

Room For Romance

8-room-for-romance Hotel Website Design

This color palette may not be the best for a hotel website, but considering the fact that this one is called “Romance” it is actually a good choice. 

Alexander Hotels

9-ah-alexander-hotels Hotel Website Design

This simple website has a cool, vintage inspired background texture. Also, it has a nice, basic slider on the homepage. 

Premier Inn

10-premier-inn Hotel Website Design

This website was created as a database of popular hotels and inns in UK. It has a simple design and a user-friendly search box. 

Preferred Hotels

11-preferred Hotel Website Design

Browse the collection of beautiful hotels, right from the homepage of this nicely designed website. 

Sanderson London

12-sanderson-london Hotel Website Design

Sanderson London has a cool website with a simple layout and beautiful photography. The design is minimal and clean. 

Kiwi Collection

13-kiwi Hotel Website Design

Kiwy Collection website has a special element displayed right on the homepage. The search box is unique, as it shows a world map, instead of a typical “only-text” search form. 

Small Luxury Hotels

14-slh Hotel Website Design

Simplicity is what best defines this beautiful website. The photos are very well chosen and the background is very simple. 


15-roomz Hotel Website Design

Cool logo and nice layout! This hotel web design has a very well structured layout with a nice color palette. 

The Dorchester

16-the-dorchester Hotel Website Design

The Dorchester is another fullscreen hotel web design with beautiful photography and a simple, clean layout. 

Hotel Missoni

17-hotel-missoni Hotel Website Design

Simple and effective, are two words which best describe this website’s design. 

Hand Picked Hotels

18-hand-picked-hotels Hotel Website Design

The lovely curly vector elements are a nice touch. Als, the vintage background gives this website a more retro feel. 

41 Hotel

19-41 Hotel Website Design

Black and white, clean and simple website – 41 Hotel’s website looks nice and is very user-friendly. 

The Benjamin

20-the-benjamin Hotel Website Design

This website has a very clean, minimalist design with a large slider on the homepage.

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Iggy Ko20 Luxury B&B And Hotel Web Designs

Comments 47

  1. Chet Garrison

    Great design inspiration. It’s nice to see all the variety in the layouts. And you can tell that overall the photos dominate the designs to give that relaxing getaway feeling. Definitely makes me want to take a vacation.

  2. George - Planet Anarky

    There’s a good collection here…but Premiere Inn? That’s not what I’d call a quality website compared to the others. Just my personal opinion!

  3. Ciz

    Ummm has anyone ever stayed in a B&B those large establishments are Guesthouses. B&B’s are normally smaller less “Grand” establishments but still quaint, and homey – this is a B&B i stayed at in Ireland http://greenlanebnb.com/

  4. Ted

    I love the Kiwi Collection website – great images of all kinds of hotels (not just B&Bs, although it looks like they do have quite a few Inns and small hotels).

  5. Website Design Sydney

    Really an awesome collections, my favorite is The Dorchester. Think this all are best & should have to visit.

  6. Web Design Bureau of Mauritius

    Great list, great inspiration. Mauritius is a dream island and we do have a lot of hotels but not much is invested in websites for these. I would like to stress a usability point on most of these sites: reservation and choice/search tools are all over the fold maximising the conversion possibilities.

  7. samantha

    a superb collection of websites chosen for their simplicity, appeal, functonality etc. i have had the pleasure of staying at several of these places, Dubai (Jumeirah Beach Hotel & Burj Al Arab) London (Dorchester), Manchester Roomzzz.
    a good website is key to attracting guests – thank you for this collection.
    i now look forward to enjoying some more of them….!!

  8. Fiona

    Great collection. Interested in speaking to designers for the sites for Hand-picked Hotels & Alexander Hotels. Any suggestions as to how I can locate/contact them? Many thanks

  9. Custom Software Development

    WOW! It’s a great collection and useful for the all types of users.

  10. B (Roomzzz Aparthotels)

    Thanks for including Roomzzz Aparthotels website on your list, it’s nice to be appreciated.

  11. Malindi Web Design

    What do you mean? Perfect design or perfect images? I can only see two perfect design and the rest are just perfect background images.

  12. Web Mentor

    I like this but I can’t open these in a new window, it opens on the current. Definitely not good for UI.

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