25 Websites That Use Huge Typography

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I have compiled together a showcase of websites that use huge typography. Using large fonts on your website can attract attention, and can provide a simple and easy to use interface. Plus you don’t have to worry about the text being readable (unless its in a completely crazy font). Please click on each image to view the website.

Ben Lind

Ben Lind

Ben Lind’s homepage is simple and appealing. The large typography on the fullscreen grey background is unique and interesting. The fonts styling is also very nice. 

LHM Design

LHM Design

LHM design is the website of Laurence Mercer, a freelance web designer,  specialized in Drupal Theming. He has a super-simple layout with an interesting menu positioning and cool typography. 

For a Beautiful Web

For a Beautiful Web

This vintage inspired, huge typography website has some really cool graphic elements you’ll have to check out. 

Get Finch

Get Finch

This simple, unique website uses it’s logo in a very interesting manner. The logo is huge and positioned to catch the visitor’s attention. The menu is simple and vertical, located in the left part of the website. 

Francesco Mugnai

Francesco Mugnai

Francesco’s site is fun and creative. I’ve known him for his fabulous blog I’ve been following for some time. Don’t forget to check it out if you want some inspiration. 

Visual Box

Visual Box

This is another fullscreen website design which uses its logo as the main element of the homepage.

Giant Creative

Giant Creative

Giant Creative is a web design studio with an awesomely designed website. The homepage’s main element is a the huge typography.

Big Omaha

Big Omaha

Huge typography is excellent for event websites. This way the visitor will know right from the start when the event is held. 

Red Interactive Agency

Red Interactive Agency

Red Intercatie Agency uses huge typography to emphasize the main info they want to send to its readers. The red accents are a nice touch. 

We Shoot Bottles

We Shoot Bottles

I think you’ve seen this website plenty of times now. It has a unique, simple design with huge typograpy and nice, pink accents. 

Huge Inc

Huge Inc

Huge Inc uses HUGE typography for its homepage. The text is nicely positioned and the overall website has a great design. 



Simple yet very appealing, this fullscreen websites uses large, blod typography to spread its message. Want more large typography websites? Read this Great Typography in Web Design post.



Agenda has a very interestin font choice with a grungy, textured orange overlay. the website has an overall clean/grungy look. 

Take Shape

14Take Shape

This huge logo with circle patern is a great detail on Take Shape’s website. The black and white website looks great. 

June Cloud

15June Cloud

June Cloud’s website uses large typography on header texts. The website is pastel colored and has some really nice illustrations. 

Post Typography

Post Typography

This is a creative studio’s website, specialized in graphic/web design, illustration, advertising and more. They a have a very colorful website with huge typography. 

Shadow Gem

Shadow Gem

I design websites sends his message right from the start, using huge typography on a pastel blue background. 

Eduardo de La Rocque

Eduardo de La Rocque

Many web designers use large typography on their portfolio websites. This way they’ll catch the visitor’s attention right from the beginning. 

Blake Allen Design


This website has a bold black and white design with attractive typography which is very appealing to the visitors.

Salford Stories


This website is a great example of how typography can help you spread your message in a very creative and original way. With just 3 basic colors, this website is very attractive and has really nice graphics.

Davor Vaneijk

Davor Vaneijk

This website uses huge typography with a unique, futuristic font. The font is interesting but it may be a bit difficult to read. 

Solid Pink


Who said pink is a girly color? Here is a great website with a very bold concept and a really eye-catching design. Want to see more examples of pink websites? Read this 10 Girly Pink Websites with Great Graphics article.

Im Always Hungry

Im Always Hungry

The Hello message in large typography has been used a lot in websites designs. This one looks great on yellow background. 



Galpin has a vintage feel because of it’s graphics and typography. It is mostly monochromatic with just small insertion of color, palced just perfect in order to emphasize important elements.



This unique, huge font is a great, unique detail element for this website. The overall layout is very simple and clean.

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Iggy Ko25 Websites That Use Huge Typography

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    what a strange designs !!!

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      Thats’ an awesome post! Love scarlet bits by the way :)

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      Yeah it looks like they stole it from you.

  2. Gennice

    I am a big fan of huge typography in web design.

    And this post inspired me to include this kind of type in my next WP theme…


  3. Behrouz

    very nice 😉
    Ben Lind is top idea
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  4. ben lang

    Very cool idea. Firefox does also i think…

  5. Ben Lind

    Thanks for the mention! You have a great list here.

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    Wicked! I love type.

    The email newsletter of MyFonts always impresses me when I open it.

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    I just like large Fonts, it makes every thing nice and simple

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    nice stuff love big type

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    Love the typography used on Francesco Mugnai

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    Nice list ..

    ben lind is very nice.

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    great collection


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    I love typography and web design so seeing them used together is great! This is a good collection!

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    these are really nice works..thanks for sharing

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    fantastic works!!

  20. Debby


    One other thing that is just a wee bit too large for my tiny mac laptop screen…. that popup, which is very difficult to push the ‘close’ button

    Tweak it. Blessings, Debby

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    Great post. I have gone through a bad partnership a few years ago and it is nice to hear that I am not alone.

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    Fat, fresh and funky – just the way we like it at 1280 X 800

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    These are fantastic! If my next book sells…i might go with one of these designers

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    Love Ben Lind’s design.

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    lovely resource of design.

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