30 Creative Advertisements For Your Inspiration


The world is full of advertising these days. Everywhere you go, advertisements appear. Even in our video games! But there are a small minority of clever advertisements that make you think twice. The creators of these advertisements really thought outside the box. If you want to share any other creative advertisement campaigns (there are loads out there) with the webdesigndev community, then feel free to drop in a comment.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

This is a very creative advertisement idea for a plastic surgery company. It’s fun and unique and will surely catch people’s attention. 

Nike Trainers

Nike Trainers

Thic colorful Nike Trainers ad bright colors are an instant attention grabber!



Heineken’s inspiring ad shows the Colloseum made out of Heineken beer bottles.

WMF Knives

WMF Knives

I love this ad! “Sharper than you think. The WMF Grand Gourmet knife with Damasteel blade” is their tagline. 



Lego’s fun ad seems dedicated more to the adults. Test your creativity with legos!



WWF always has great ad campaigns. “Give a hand to wildlife” is this ad’s tagline. 



“Help. SO that no one has to come here for food”is an inspiring ad campaign by Vitae, posted on trashbins lids. 

Leica V-Lux 1

Leica V-Lux 1

Leica’s awesome add shows its powerful zoom options in a fun and creative way. 



Eurostar’s London for Lovers ad campagin is funny and creative! 

Denver Water

Denver Water

I love unconventional ad campaings, and this is one of them. Denver Water’s ad campaign encourages you to use only what you need!

Cigar City

Cigar City

Anti-smoking ad campaign are always the best. This Cigar city ad is very creative!

Wrigley’s 5 Pulse

Wrigley's 5 Pulse

All Wrigley’s Pulse ads are amazing. This one has really beautiful graphics and illustrations and makes you to almost feel the taste of this chewing gum by just looking at the ad. 

WWF – Your Coins Count

WWF - Your Coins Count

WWF – Your coins count ad campaign was created to raise awareness and donations for the endangered animals in the world. 

Pepsi Twist

Pepsi Twist

Pepsi Twist has a really fun ad with a cool, risky concept. The illustration also looks great!



Communication just got sweeter – is the concept that stood behind this M&M poster. 

xBox 360

xBox 360

Xbox 360 has a great ad with some really inspiring vector graphics.

Nike – Just Do It


Nike Just do it famous motto is used among all of their ad campaigns. 

The Lynx Effect

The Lynx Effect

The Lynx Effect has a super fun ad campaign with a really interesting idea. 

MIR – Keep Black Strong

MIR - Keep Black Strong

This Star-Wars themed ad campaing is super cool and inspiring. The illustration also have a unique style. 

WWF – For a Living Planet

WWF - For a Living Planet

THis beautiful ad by WWF was created especially for Romania. The message sent is that “Nature cannot be recycled! ” 

Apple Macbook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro

Apple’s ads are always amazing. This is a very inspiring ad campaign held for Apple Macbook Pro. 



Life’s too short for the wrong job – is the idea behind this very inspiring advertisement. The ad was created for a jobs website. 

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

This is truly a unique concept for advertising an animated movie. It’s fun and more adult-focused. 

Kill Bill 2

Kill Bill 2

Kill Bill’s super ad campaign was an instant attention grabber! 

Sky Tv

Sky Tv

SkyTv’s ad focuses on women. They present themselves as the TV station with footbal explained to women. 

ADESF – Stop Smoking

ADESF - Stop Smoking

This is another great example of  a successful anti-smoking ad campaign. 

Stabilo Boss

Stabilo Boss

Stabilo’s ad is fun and creative. There was a nice concept behind this idea. 



This huge billboard ad by Adidas was created by a very talented team of specialists. 

Music Improves Your Mood

Music Improves Your Mood

Military turned fun! Music improves your mood in any situation is the message sent by this ad. 

Nivea Sun Care

Nivea Sun Care

Nivea Sun care’s ad tells you to let your kids play longer without worrying they’ll get a sunburn!

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Iggy Ko30 Creative Advertisements For Your Inspiration

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  1. jlapitan

    nice post.. love all the photos.. i’ll repost this..

  2. Robertino

    Wrigley’s 5 Pulse en Finding Nemo.
    Really love those two. But all are excellent. Didn’t know any of them. I’m from The Netherlands.

    One day, I’ll make stuff like Wrigley’s 5 Pulse.
    I’m not very good at building mass and keeping movement/flow.

  3. Alexandru Pitea

    Macbook ad has my vote…

  4. Mersi

    There are some really great ones.
    My favourite are Finding Nemo, Heineken and the apple one.

  5. moro

    Nice Post ,,,,, Like all the picture and ideas …. so grate ….

  6. Hubert

    Really interesting post, some real funny one, but bin all case real good graphic job

  7. Maureen @ Shootin

    Excellent : I love Finding Nemo 2 and also this boyscoot who makes me thinks about this little boy in the last Pixar Movie : Up! except that the hero is cool contrary to this jerk !

    Thanks for make me laught during my working hours :)

  8. Roxan

    Its really amazing beeing able see how some people see life and that we can all see from their point of view but hey these are some funny @$$ pictures especially the one having to do with picking the wrong job =D

  9. Oliver

    Great post and some really good adverts. I think my favourites are finding nemo and the kill bill one. All of these are great examples of graphic design. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Nicklaus Deyring

    Love the strong art direction and visual as headline in most of these…

  11. web design in egypt

    Nice Post ,, i Like all the amazing ideas

  12. chris


    How did you find all these ads?

  13. Shane - Inspiring Your Success

    Haha, these are funny!

  14. DroBuddy

    Talk about creative inspiration… Nice post.

    I can’t wait until I get good at graphic design . lol.

    Anyone know of some good tuts that would help take a Photoshop / Illustrator novice to pro? Drop me a line. 😉

  15. Tim Read: Ripplenet web design

    Thanks for those. Such great designs!

  16. philippe bodart

    wonderful designs,they reflect amazing ideas

  17. Carl Smart

    Love these adverts, the plastic surgery one is fantastic!

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  19. Daniel Miguel

    Really cool these grafism and creative ambient relative advertising!

    Nice post, thanks for sharing!

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    very nice

  21. Mike Kafeero

    Guys its good stuff, keep it up.

  22. wanluqman

    Awesome , intuitive arts bringing light to moody weekend

  23. Rain

    omg! the Finding Nemo one is so funny!
    nice round-up *giggles*

  24. @Designabsolu

    Awesome creativity ,Cigar City is really cool.
    Great post !
    Thanks for sharing !

  25. Richard: Online Printing Services

    These are some very creative print advertisements. The Heineken ad is a fun ad. I should try to recreate this Roman Colosseum at home. The WMF Knives ad is also a smart advertisement and gets straight to the point. The Pepsi Twist Ad is creative, but I don’t think anybody wants to think of urine in their drink, even if it is a cute lemon doing it. The Kill Bill 2 is a very unique advertisement and is a perfect fit for the actual movie.

  26. web design egypt

    thanks for the nice creative Ads :)

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