30 Creative Business Card Designs


I have compiled together a collection of 30 creative business card designs that will blow your mind away. These creative business card designs think miles outside the box. Hopefully you will get some ideas, and maybe have a go at redesigning your own business card. Feel free to drop us a comment with your business card design.

beautiful business card design

This is a beautiful business card design which shows great attention to detail. The stamp element is a nice touch, also the brown carton paper goes great with the bordeaux colored accents.

blueprint inspired business card

This blueprint inspired business card is perfect for an architect or a construction company. The contact details are printed on the back.

plastic business card

This beautiful, plastic business card has a nice transparency effect which makes it special and appealing. You’ll surely stand out from the crowd with a creative business card design like this one.

Google inspired creative business card design

This Google inspired creative business card design has a very original concept. We all know that Google is our no.1 source of finding the info we need, why not use it as a business card concept?! This designer did!

innovative lable concept

This business card has an innovative lable concept. The textured paper and red ribbon are nice details too.

simple business card design

This is a simple business card design with a very beautiful logo and color palette. The back is simple and contains the designer’s motto: think. dream. create.

rounded corners business card

This brown, rounded corners business card has a simple, modern design. It also has some grungy swirls elements which are making it more fun.

pastel colored business card

This pastel colored business card has some really beautiful, girly elements. The elegant design makes it a true source of inspiration for all print designers out there.

creative business card design laser cut and printed on wood

Personally, I love business cards that are printed on alternate materials like plexi, plastic, wood or metal. This is one great example of a creative business card design laser cut and printed on wood.

round cornered business card design

Neon green and dark purple go great together in this modern, round cornered business card design.

spiral text

Even though it looks simple, the spiral text makes this business card truly unique. Great paper choice too.

interesting concept of a business card

This is an interesting concept of a business card. It is truly an original idea!

 black business cards

These beautiful, black business cards have some really nice red and white accents. The paper they were printed on is matte and thin.

business card design for a radio presenter

I don’t think there could be a better business card design for a radio presenter than this one. Great example!

creative business card design

Fun and cartoonish, these are the words that best describe this creative business card design.

neon accents

Absolutely love the neon accents and unique idea of this business card.

great color palette

Chocolate and brown and vibrant orange are a match made in heaven. This business card has not only a great color palette but also a nice shape!

most creative bussiness cards design

This is one of the most creative bussiness cards designs I have ever seen!

laser cut metal business card

This is another great example of a laser cut metal business card, made to look like dog tags.

Eco friendly and green

Eco friendly and green, the recycled paper on which the business card was printed is surely a nice detail.

beautiful business card design

There was surely a really hard work involved in creating this beautiful business card design. The sewed element is a wonderful detail.

designer business card

Simple and effective, this is how a designer business card should be.

carton paper business card

Here it is a beautiful logo on a simple, brown textured carton paper business card.

laser cut business card

This is another great example of a laser cut business card, this time on black.

unique tag cloud concept

Colorful and fun with a unique tag cloud concept on the back! This is a business card design to remember!

Metal laser cut business cards

Metal laser cut business cards are my favorite and this is one inspirational design!

dark brown/orange business card

This dark brown/orange business card was created by a graphic designer for himself. Nice!

 business card design

The same business card design, on both black and white. Love the minimalist elements.

typography business card

Typography al the way! This is a bit too complex and hard to read, but still a nice design.

Girly and fun business card

Girly and fun, with neon accents, this business card also has a beautiful, unique shape.

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Iggy Ko30 Creative Business Card Designs

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  1. Adam Davies

    nice mate, i like the google one, pretty nifty 😉

    1. cali

      ive seen another version of this recently – its just the plain white google landing page with a designers name in the search box and the cursor hovering over the search button ^^

  2. Matt

    Wow, some of them are amazing :)

  3. christina

    would love to know where they produced some of these cards… any printers you can turn us on to?

  4. webmasterdubai

    nice collection and great designs and nice ideas.

  5. Jill Chongva

    Would love to know where peeps are getting these amazing cards printed!

    jill :)

    Jill Chongva’s last blog post..Domains for Sale – $10 each

  6. Benjamin Reid

    Love ’em. I literally sent my first batch of business cards off to print about 10 minutes ago, I can’t make up my mind with so many different ideas for business cards floating around I might have to do a second set which are slightly different.

  7. Daniel Matthews

    Some of these are amazing and will definately serve their purpose. I noticed this the other day when i was asked for my business card, when I gave it to them they pulled out a wad of 30+ other cards! Make sure yours is one that completely stands out!

    Although some of these would obviously be very expensive.

    1. Benjamin Reid

      “to them they pulled out a wad of 30+ other cards! Make sure yours is one that completely stands out!” – This is exactly what you’ve got to think about. Good call.

  8. Behrouz

    very nice cards
    Google mode card is best 😉

  9. designic

    the google card would be even better if it would have been for a SEO analyst.

  10. francis

    Amazing! thanks

  11. Adam

    Do you know where they got those lazer cut wood business cards from? or the metal ones? Theyre pretty cool!

  12. Cindy lee

    Very good idea. it is amazing.

  13. Lourenco

    Excelent work.

  14. Name (required)

    Great Work, Some of them are really awesome, and innovative.

  15. Martin

    Hey man, you can find 33 stunning Business Cards on a german Blog: http://bit.ly/T5rAj

  16. Matt

    Doesnt that lush one have grass seeds in it, I think it’s an envelope.


  17. easyjob

    very nice design cards! i like it!

  18. Andrew (Mindwarp2)

    these are fantastic designs

  19. Bruno

    Hi. I’m a DJ and I’ve made my business card with a special color that with the UVA light make become my nick fluorescent!!!!!!! it’s very nice for the people that work at the disco!!!!!!!!

  20. Andrew mulvenna

    Creativity :: transforming the usual into the remarkable.


    Anyone seen a similar ‘top ten’ for print media, flyers etc?

  21. Stephanie

    Added to my RSS, Thanks!

  22. fazreen

    I like the viewzi one

  23. mkhelif

    Very good cards. Excellent work.

  24. kris subagyo

    Good Design. I Like..

  25. Cardview

    Great business card collection!

  26. Mark


  27. Cathy

    Oh gosh. It took me a while to figure out that Space 150’s card was a floor plan of a room that looks like ‘150’ from afar. Great designs, not just the space 150 one!

  28. Online marketing Calgary

    Nice set, especially the Google search one for Dallas Printer. Looking forward for more posts like this. Thanks!

  29. cool business card

    great collection.

  30. iMatt

    Awesome collection! Will definetly come in handy for some inspiration! Tnx…

  31. Den

    Good collection. I agree with designic. The Google card is perfect for an SEO consultant otherwise, not so clever.

  32. Amber Hewitt

    Love the Kevin Mitnick card! Thanks for the inspiration (and a reminder to print my own cards)!

  33. Benoit

    The google one is realy nice !!

  34. Rajesh

    Simply brilliant!!!

    My compliments.

  35. ariana

    very nice design cards! i like it!

  36. @ginabegin

    I LOVE seeing Mandate Press on here! They are a local company (for me) and they are great with customer service. I have been impressed with them since finding out about them a couple of years ago. Nice work!

  37. Bluegrass Print

    Pretty awesome collection of business cards! I like that “Amaze” card. I think mostly because it looks cool with the wood grain behind it. Thanks!

  38. Wine Dine

    Neat cards! Looking for some inspiration.


    Is there any guide book or tutorial which guide us about color combination, paper standards etc about business card design and print?

  40. Laura

    I especially like the one with the bluebird. Very feminine. Business cards are getting more and more creative!

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