30 Outstanding Single Page Website Designs


Single page websites are an awesome idea. They are easily manageable, and you can really think outside the box when designing them. I have compiled 30 outstanding single page website designs for your inspiration. There are a whole array of creative designs, effects, etc that make these websites. Remember to click each image, and the website will open in a new browser tab.



This beautiful, single page website design has an interesting combination of colors and textures. The bright pink accent will surely attract the reader’s attention. Also, the pink, long button is very well positioned.

Silverback App

Silverback App

Silverback is a “guerilla” usability review application. This app empowers people who develop applications. They have a very intresting single page website, similar to MailChimp. They also used an animal mascot designed in the same style the MailChimp monkey is. This time is a gorilla! 

Fish Marketing

Fish Marketing Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

Fish Marketing’s website is innovative and creative! The high quality illustrations are the ones that make it so special. The large fish on the cutting board is a very unique idea. 

Dale Harris

Dale Harris

Dale Harris is a creative designer, living in Victoria, Australia. His portfolio website has some bold, pink accents. Also, you’ll see some great curls and swirls vectors that make up the background.


Everest - Live your dreams Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

This app landing page is a bit different than others and has a nice, unique layout.

Think Green Meeting

Think Green Meeting

Think Green’s website looks eco-friendly and fresh. Also, the infographic-type of page is a great concept. The nice, beige, paper-textured background is a nice detail and emphasizes the whole eco/natural idea. 

Cuba Moon

Cuba Moon

This website design may seem a bit crowded but you’ll find some nice vectors in there. The color palette could be better.

Go Live!

Go Live! Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

This is another great example of a landing page designed using the flat design trend. The graphic elements are beautiful and all the information is given right from the start.


We Shoot Bottles

We Shoot Bottles

We Shoot Bottles’s website is unique and has a design you’ll remember. It’s simple and will stick into your mind. The large, bold typography looks great on the all-white background. Also, pink was a great choice!



This portfolio website is unique and creative. You’ll see some great textured elements and cool painted backgrounds.


Hipstamatic - Welcome To Hipstamatic Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

Hipstamatic is an app that adds filters to your digital phone photos. It is a successful landing age because it shows some great examples of digital retouched photos made with the app.

Tomas Pojeta

Tomas Pojeta

This simple graphic portfolio website has some really nice vector illustration and a unique design. The contact form was placed in plain site. The contact form looks like the main element of this page. Want more contact forms designs? Check ou these 20 Well Designed Contact Pages for Your Inspiration

Basil Gloo

Basil Gloo

This is a super simple, yet very effective personal website. It has personal elements – a large photo of the designer himself – a visible contact form and a brief description. Also it has links to other importnat pages/websites. 



Feelwire is a small development agency located in Paris. They build apps and other cool stuff. Their website is simple and has lots of white space. The vector icons are a nce design detail.

Designed to Move

Designed To Move - A physical activity agenda to fuel the future.

This landing page is a bit mysterious and doesn”t tell right from the start, what the website is really about. In this case it’s a nice strategy and the video will let the visitor know what’s th purpose of this landing page.

Gotta Get To Fowa

Gotta Get To Fowa

This website is owned by two web app designers from tel Aviv. This website was created because they really wanted to go to FOWA, a web design convention, and they didn’t have all needed resources. This is a donation, single page website. 

Jiri Tvrdek

Jiri Tvrdek

This cool concept was designed by Jiri Tvrdek. It shows an apple tree, the apples being the menu buttons. It has some cool vector illustrations. You should check it out!


Mixture : The perfect front-end development environment

Mixture is a rapid prototyping and static site generation tool for designers and developers. The landing page is simple and offers the possibility to sign up for an invite.


Stoodeo Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

Stoodeo offers website development services. They are a creative company and this can be clearly seen from the way their website is designed. Lots of cool graphics on this one! It’s a great source of inspiration!


Visualbox Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

Visualbox is a grid-type of website. It is a portfolio and you’ll find some really cool works in there. 



This is another nice website with cool graphics. Definitely worth to check it out for some fresh inspiration. 

Kiss Metrics

Kiss Metrics Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

Kissmetrics have a great website, and not only with a cool design but also with very well positioned elements and user friendly layout. 

Made By Sofa

Made By Sofa

This is a very simple, minimalist, single page website. Check out some nice 3D work on their website. 

Giant Creative

Giant Creative Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

Giant Creative is a small team with very creative designers. They offer branding, web design and photography services. Love their color choices on this website. It’s definitely worth a look. 

Deluge Studios

Deluge Studios

This website is a presentation website for a web/print studio. They have a unique design with some really cool textured elements. Also,  the “Story” box is very well positioned to catch the visitor’s attention. 

Medio Core

Medio Core Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

Medio Core has a modern design with some very interesting light effects. Also, the fun and cool illustration is a very eye-catching detail. Their color palette is also beautiful. 

Stage 5 Studio

Stage 5 Studio

Stage5 is the website of Danny Silva, a freelance designer who loves building websites for his clients. Check out his website for some portfolio design inspiration. 

Colour Pixel

Colour Pixel Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

This is one great example of how a colorful, fun website design should look like. The black boxes are nice detail elements. 

Creative People

Creative People Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

This simple, minimalist, fullscreen portfolio website has a cool layout and a very nice background photo. 

Designed By Dave

Designed By Dave

Dave’s portfolio website is creative and modern. The electric blue accents go great with grey colors.

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Iggy Ko30 Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

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    All are amazing….May i know how many of them created using Html or Flash

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    Single page websites are usually great, though after a while it can all seem , well, a little tedious from the users perspective. Take the THINK GREEN example you have used in this post, whilst I was first impressed by the site, I soon find that it takes a while to get to the info I need thanks to all the animation.

    Sites that simply scroll down for you, like some of the examples here, are great because you are directed to the content straight away whilst also showing off a little!

  5. Mersi

    couple of really good ones here

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    There are some really nice designs here. Thanks for sharing these with us. A good source for inspiration for my next website.

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    Really nice! Our is an “one page” too: http://www.wezen.com.br. We use it to keep all the info organized and easy to find.

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    I love one page site designs but I am a little concerned about the significant number of people who will look and go! They wonder, what do I click on? Where is everything? I don’t want to be judgmental but some people are empty-headed.

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