Fantastic City Lights at Night Photography


There are some fantastic photos featuring city lights that I see when looking through photo compilations. So I decided to put together a gallery of some amazing inspirational photography featuring city lights at night. Some of these are amazing!

Let me know what one is your favorite. Also, if you know of any other photos that you think would be good to add to this collection, or the next collection, feel free to contact us via email or drop in a comment.

City Lights Showcase

 St Andrews suspension bridge

This photo shows St Andrews suspension bridge over the Clyde at night, with the city in the background. The colors are amazing!

City Lights

City Lights – This photo was not edited. No post production done on photo’s just long exposure time. I love the colours!

New York - The City of Lights

New York – The City of Lights – Actually, Paris is called “The city of lights” – however, I simply can’t think of a more suitable title for this so wonderful city!

business district, downtown Toronto

This beautiful city lights ant night photograph was shot in the business district, downtown Toronto.

city lights at night

This amazing photograph of city lights at night was shot by a very talented photographer. The colors and lights looka amazing!

Hong Kong city of lights

Hong Kong city of lights – This photo was shot in Hong Kong and it shows the city’s skyline during nightime.

Singapore City Lights

Singapore City Lights photo can also be viewd in black and white, but the effect will not be the same. The colors are amazing!

Barrie, Ontario

The city lights of Barrie, Ontario. This photo was taken near the Southshore Centre during an outing with the Barrie Photo Club.

New York City from Roosevelt Island

This photo shows the view of New York City from Roosevelt Island. it has a nice orange filter added.

Perth city on a calm night

This gorgeous photo was taken in Australia and it shows Perth city on a calm night. The reflections look amazing.

Natal, the capital of the State of Rio Grande do Norte

The night falls and the city lights itself. In this photo is Natal, the capital of the State of Rio Grande do Norte (brazilian northeastern region). This city is located in the Atlantic Ocean seashore.

 City of Perth

The City of Perth is a Local Government Area in and around the central business district of Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. The photographer took a shot of the city at night from across the Swan River.

Halifax downtown core.

This photo offers a different perspective of the Halifax downtown core. The bright city night lights sparkle on the water in a variety of different colors and hues. Fore-grounded is the water and cityscape which is cast against the black backdrop of the night.

 fantastic city lights at night photograph

This is a fantastic city lights at night photograph. The colors and lights create an amazing atmosphere.

Brisbane City by Night

Brisbane City by Night was shot by photographer Andrew Caswell. This photo was chosen by a UK based ad agency for a campaign.

 Moscow city lights at night

This amazing photo was shot in Moscow, and it shows the city lights at night.

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  2. Wiltabone

    Very Nice Compillation :) Thanks !

  3. Sameer Kumar Mishra

    All Photograpsh Fantastic , cute and decent

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  5. Don Komarechka

    Hey, thanks for putting my photo in this collection, very much appreciated! (8th from the top). Wonderful collection here, inspiring for me to get out there and take more photos.

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  7. Chhaya

    is there a tutorial on how this effect can be achieved

  8. Joe Vains

    Nice selection ! :) Thanks ! 😉

  9. Miguel Hart

    Very nice Pictures. Great. Well done.


    Nice night photos I think Tokyo looks the best at night.

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  12. John

    Wow, love all the pics all of it are great. Cool thanks for sharing dude.

  13. vasiauvi

    It would be great to see those pictures without the lights. Today is the Earth’s Day …

  14. Jared Heinrichs

    I wish there was a tutorial on HOW TO take night photos! The shots are really nice.

  15. bruidstaart

    does someone know a tutorial how to design stuff like this?

  16. Sonic Bass

    Wow, what an amazing collection

  17. Lea

    Great View of Photograph. Excellent light reflection

  18. Jody

    Hi! I love your Photo’s some of the best i’ve seen.
    Question…can one use one or two of them to make a personal webpage. Not for sale or commercial use. Personal only?
    thanks Jody

  19. lucian

    Hi.I was wondering if i can get a pic or two and use as background for my website. thanks and looking forward for your answer .

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