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If you are a web designer who also happens to read blogs, then you must have heard of Jacob Cass. Unless of course you have been living under a rock for the last few years. Jacob is a graphic designer who also has a blog with tens of thousands of readers. He also owns another 2 exciting websites! You can find Jacob Cass at his main website Just Creative Design, and also at his other 2 websites, Logo of the Day and Logo Designer Blog.

How did you come up with the name “Just Creative Design”?

Coming up with a name for your business and / or blog is probably one of the hardest tasks an entrepreneur will have to do. Should you name the business after yourself, come up with a fictional name or literally describe the business? For me, I was torn between the three.

I wanted to name the business “Jacob Cass Designs” or “JackCass Designs” which is a pun on my own name and the word Jackass. I wasn’t really happy with these names and after a few weeks of no decisions, I finally decided I didn’t want to name my business after my own name, just in case I wanted to expand some time in the future. So the question was, what do I name my business?

I tried coming up with a fictional name that was somehow associated with my name or initials. Things like Jucy, Jaycii, JayZee, JayCee, Jaci, Jaysee, JayCee, JaySee, JaiSee, Juju, Juca, Joco, Jluc, Jaco, JC, JLBC, etc. I didn’t like any of them. From here, I tried to brainstorm words that started with my initials  J or C. Things like Jolly Creations, Jester Creative, etc. I found that a lot of these domain names were taken which got me very frustrated (but I am thankful for that now). But to cut this long story short, after a lot of brain storming I finally came down to the name “Just Creative Design” and luckily for me the domain name was free. I was extremely happy – the name included my initials and two main keywords (for SEO) associated with my profession. For those interested I talk about the process in more depth on my blog.


What interested you in graphic design, enough to take it up as a career?

It was clear throughout all of my schooling that the artier subjects at school were my favorite (especially if you compare the marks) though it wasn’t really till year 10 (when I was 15) that I really knew about design as a “career”. It wasn’t until two years later, that I really set my eye on design as a full time career. Since then, I haven’t turned back – my life is design and I surround myself in it everyday.

You also have 2 other websites, LogoOfTheDay and LogoDesignerBlog. Is logo design your favorite part of graphic design?

You would be correct there. Logo & identity design is my passion and are certainly my favorite areas of graphic design along with branding and the online marketing world of social media. Though in saying this, I never want to limit myself to just one area of design – sure you can be an expert in one area but I find branching out into other areas is a good way to learn and experience more about the realm that is design.

You have just over 19,000 Twitter followers. How does twitter have an impact on your websites?

Twitter plays a huge role in the exposure and marketing of my websites. The viral nature of Twitter means that an article can be broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people within a matter of minutes. It’s really quite fascinating when you think about it. Though in saying this, try not to use Twitter as a personal broadcast of yourself (leave that to A-List celebrities) – provide value and link to other resourceful sites.

Do to others as you would like done to you, as you will learn, that what goes around, comes around. Please feel free to follow to me on Twitter.


Is there anything that inspires you away from the computer?

Travel. Taking breaks from your work is essential to avoid burn out. It gives you a chance to refresh and get disconnected from this rush, “always on” world we live in today. There is no better way to get inspired than to experience another culture.

Does blogging on Just Creative Design help promote your portfolio?

The portfolio page of my blog is the second most visited page of my whole site, second only to the home page. On average, the portfolio page gets about 1100 visits per day. From that, I would probably have to say yes – blogging is a very good way to promote your portfolio.

All 3 of your websites adopt the same colour scheme. Is there any reason why you chose pink, black and white?

Like any brand, it pays to stay consistent. Having a colour scheme (pink, grey and white) was just one way to tie all three of my sites together. I originally chose the colour pink as a way to reflect my business name “Just Creative Design“. I felt the colour pink gave off a lot of creative energy. The white supporting colour was to show that it is “Just” creative energy – nothing else. This is also supported by the neutral grey colour. I hope that makes sense – it did to me anyway.


Do you have any other projects or ideas that you are developing, launching in the near future?

I’ve just started back at University (last semester) so that will keep me pretty busy, along with client work however I am in the middle of producing a logo design ebook. Whether or not I finish this before I move to New York is another question – the ebook is not a priority at this time.

Have you got any advice, tips or tricks for the readers of WebDesignDev?

When this question comes up, I usually give the same reply… the biggest piece of advice that I would give an upcoming designer comes in a ‘package’ based from the little things that I have learned over my short career as a designer. Don’t undervalue your work. Seek criticism, not praise. Always keep learning & don’t be a static learner… do this by reading books, magazines, blogs and by practicing. Collect & share things. Teach others. Never give up. Keep practicing. Again, keep practicing. For more friendly advice see what other designers have shared on my blog.

Thank you to Andy for this opportunity to be interviewed on WebDesignDev. If your readers have any comments or questions, please do feel free to leave them below. Thanks again.

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13 thoughts on “Interview With Jacob Cass From Just Creative Design”

  1. New design – nothing special.

    The widgets are a bit too close, the header doesn’t do it for me. But apart from that I think the colours are good and everything else has improved too. It’s just the little things that are standing out for me.

  2. Excellent interview, this is like the fifth i see from Jacob but this guy is an inspiration on the design blog world.

  3. I think you are my soulmate. I get a lot of inspiration from your logo designs, and even though I don’t think I will ever be a big designer myself ( can’t get rid of my left brain) I definitely look up to designers like yourself for quality professional marketing skills.

    Keep it up!

  4. Nice interview. Love to get to know the people I follow a little more. Jacob sure has a great following online, and seems to be a very talented and successful designer.

  5. JCD is one of the few places where you can look out for great inspiration. If you are a designer you will definitely know what it means. Keep up the good work JC.

    I hope he keep’s posting after moving to NYC 🙂

    Warm Regards

  6. Great interview!

    Jacob was one of the first designers I came across a few months ago when I was starting my own freelance career, and his creative work is anything but ‘just.’

    It seems with every blog he posts I learn more, and to get the view of someone from halfway around the world (I’m over in Canada), it’s remarkable.

    Keep up the great work Jacob, thanks,

    Carson Shold

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