Interview With Josh Tilton From Grip Creative


Today I have interview an amazing web designer called Josh Tilton. Josh owns his own web design company called Grip Creative. Some of his work is outstanding, and his weblog design is on many different web galleries across the internet. If you have any other questions for Josh, feel free to drop a comment and he might just answer!

How Did You Get Into Web / Graphic Design?

I started getting into graphic design when my parents bought my brother and I our first dell computer as a christmas present. I was 14. I quickly discovered the website, signed up for an account and started experimenting with Photoshop creating digital art. I started to get into web design with my band (all 15 year olds have a band right?). I really liked working with HTML, so I kept creating sites.


Did You Study Anything?

I have no formal design education. Before I did this full time, I worked for the family business doing architectural millwork. I learned how to take a project from start to finish, and the basics of architectural drafting. The skills I learned in that industry are surprisingly applicable to the web.

Name 5 Top Applications You Use To Create Your Work?

1) Adobe Photoshop CS4
2) Coda
3) Safari / Firefox
4) Aol Instant Messenger / Apple Mail
5) Xmind


Describe Your Average Working Day?

I start out working at 7am setting up the office for the day. I usually try to get my personal projects done from 7-9am. I then jump into client work from 9-5pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays I leave the office early so I can go do Judo.

What Would You Say Your Best Work Ever Is?

Hahah, sorry I’m never fully happy with any of my work (high standards). I am particularly proud of the book covers I designed for “The Pearlsong Refounding” by Michael D. Warden. You can see (and I recommend you purchase) the books at . My personal blog, has received a lot of attention for the design, which was a lot of fun to create.


How Did You Come Up With Your Web Studio Name, Grip Creative?

I play Judo which has a lot of grip fighting / grappling. I also really liked the “edginess” of the two words together.

How Do You Promote Grip Creative? Business Cards, Advertising, etc?

Word of mouth. I do some local networking, but people usually contact me through my website from seeing my work somewhere.


Have You Got Any Advice For WebDesignDev Readers?

Hang in there! Stay as far away from individuals who claim to be great at business and “amazing” salesmen but cannot to anything web related on their own. Only partner with people on projects who are experts in their respective area of the web industry.

Where Would You See Yourself In 5 Years Time?

Not having any outside clients, but being the client through the projects I’m currently working on that would be 20% of the week. Doing what i’m truly passionate about : professional portrait & wedding  photography 80% of the week.

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7 thoughts on “Interview With Josh Tilton From Grip Creative”

  1. This is another very good interview. I like to see that people that focus on websites are still local networking, something that I have only just seen the potential of!

  2. Great interview! It’s always nice to see successful web designers/developers with little to no formal education. As well, it’s good to see recognition that work in other industries is applicable to web work.

  3. Great interview. I agree with the suggestion of staying away from great “salesmen” etc. They usually are in it to use YOUR serices not to benefit you both mutually. In other words, they try to take advantage.

    Inspiring article. Nice work, Josh.

  4. I really enjoyed ready about him. He sounds like a really talented and diversified due. His portrait is fab. Great Interview!

  5. Thanks again Andrew for the opportunity to be interviewed! I highly appreciate it.

    If anyone has any additional questions, feel free to email me joshtilton (@) g mail . Com


  6. I have to say this guy is really good! I don’t see many sites designed this well in London. Keep it up Josh! :}

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