jQuery Accordion Plugins and Tutorials


jQuery accordion plugins help you get the attention of visitors and save space on your homepage too. Accordions are great for giving readers a quick overview but they work best if the number of elements is low. In this article you will find 10 useful jQuery accordion plugins and some tutorials which will help you improve your website. Need more jQuery plugins? Check out these jQuery Pagination Plugins and Tutorials and Free WordPress Mobile Plugins.

Classic Accordion

Classic Accordion jQuery Accordion Plugin 

Classic Accordion is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily create accordion panels. You have the option to use XML , which will make the accordion panel much easier to setup and maintain.

Accordion Menu Wizard

Javascript Accordion Menu Wizard 

Javascript Accordion Menu is an image based site navigation menu. Scriptocean Accordion Menu Wizard supports horizontal and vertical accordion menus. 

Grid Accordion

Grid jQuery Accordion Plugin 

Grid Accordion combines thumbnail grids and accordion panels, resulting an interesting method to display your portfolio. You have the option to use either XML or HTML . The powerful API will allow to further enhance the functionality of this jQuery plugin and make it possible to easily integrate it into your own application. 

Accordion Gallery

 jQuery Accordion Plugin Gallery 

Accordion Gallery is a lightweight jQuery plugin, with a unique and innovative image gallery, rich effects, semantic markup, and accessibility.

Easy Accordion Plugin

jQuery Easy Accordion Plugin 

Easy Accordion plugin will get your definition lists and generate a nice and smooth horizontal accordion. You can then decide to make it a timed slideshow or leave it still.

jQuery Accordion

jQuery Accordion 

This accordion widget for jQuery is a small and simple script that addresses common issues with jQuery accordions in general. It has fully customisable handles and panels using jQuery selectors, allows single or multiple panels open and allows the user to toggle a panel open or closed.

Tabs + Accordion

Tabs jQuery Accordion Plugin 

Tabs + Accordion is a jQuery plugin that simplifies creating responsive tabs and accordions. Accordion is completely responsive. It scales from big to small in no time. You can use the same, simple HTML markup for both Tabs and Accordion. It is lightweight and has a clean design.


Accordionza – jQuery Plugin 

Accordionza is a very flexible and lightweight jQuery accordion plugin. You can Easily configure all effects and speed, pause on hover, autoplay and autorestart, collapse captions, and more.

Grid Accordion 

Grid Accordion with jQuery 

The Grid Accordion works with the same theory as most other accordions, only one cell is open at a time. It has a clever and engaging mechanism for packing a lot of information in a small space.

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