23 Letterpress Business Cards Designs with Unique Details


If you want to have a business card your clients will remember, then opting for letterpress business cards may be the best choice! Using letterpress business cards is a great way of advertising what you do best by combining elegant elements with high quality products to create the best possible business cards.

As you probably know, business cards are very important for growing any business. A well-designed, clean and creative business card will surely help you make a good impression! With a variety of styles, colors, typography, and textures, you’ll achieve the desired result, and if you’re not yet sure how you’d like to design your cards, you can experiment with all these different techniques until you find the one that works best for you.

Say goodbye to plain, boring business cards with these new and improved cards that speak louder than words. You no longer have to choose only between different types of paper; now you can use a range of other materials, like cotton and gold foil, to impress and express yourself in a more sophisticated and unique way, or in a  way that speaks more clearly to your businesses and the services it provides.

There are also a variety of different techniques that you can use in order to achieve a more special and memorable result, such as 3D embossing using Jukebox Print’s own innovative method that adds multiple levels to your cards, enhancing the look and feel of the cards and giving them a more realistic appearance, or cutout cards that are simply cut in the shape of words, combining the medium and the message of traditional business cards into one piece (believe it or not, these cards are actually less expensive to make than most premium business cards, and they will stand out so much more!)

These creative letterpress business cards designs are not only beautiful but have some unique concepts too! Take a look and see whether they inspire you to create something different… we are confident they will!

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Adlin Inc


Great colors, great details, these edge-painted letterpress business cards will surely please your clients.




This is a unique business cards project for a photographer. They were printed by Letter&Press using only one metal printing plate. 100% hand made craftsman work. Printed on thick cotton.

Blue ornamental letterpress business card



This is part of the corporate identity project for the fashion label »PREACH«.


I Lab Optics


Impressworks printed these simple and elegant business cards for I Lab Optics. The job features a double sided black print on 600gsm fluoro white Crane Lettra cotton stock.


The Knot Company


The Knot Company is a brand established in the Canary Islands. The logo connects three the most representative sea symbols and the business cards were made with the letterpress style.


Gabe Ferreira


Here is a business card that combines the medium and the message of traditional business cards into one single piece


K and K


These business cards were letterpress printed (1/1) on 220lb Pearl White Lettra.


The Fox Yards Company


Here’s a stunning 3D embossed business card with letterpress on cotton paper.


A company called portrait branding


The designer used digital and letterpress skills for this project.


Joanna Poitier


The printed gold foil cards on duplexed stock evoke the high-end feeling of the client’s design style.




This letterpress business card design is simple with very few elements on the card.


 Acting Academy of Elfriede Ott


This business card design is part of the branding for the Acting Academy of Elfriede Ott – a well known Austrian actress.




This business card design combines high quality paper with the craftsmanship of traditional printing methods.




This is a great self-branding project created by All Design Transparent (ADESTRA).


 The Kettle Black Cafe


This is a bold, minimalist, letterpress business card design project you should check out.


 Effective Capital


This is a logo and identity design for investment boutique “Effective Capital”.


 Costa Perini


These business cards also use the process of hot-stamping.


 Handmade Paper


This is the design and production of business cards for an artist. It has the artist’s hand writing and signature, black and grey letter-pressed and made with hand made rough edge finish to complete the effect.




Spark’s business card incorporates a bevel emboss on the logo, and folds into an envelope-like format.




Here’s how to combine letterpress and calligraphy for business cards. Letterpress from Demon Press studio.




Check out this beautiful business cards project. Definitely eye-catching!


Tea business cards


This is an unconventional business card design! Give your clients something right from the start and they will love you!


Paint it red!


This smart and simple business card design was printed on cotton paper with rounded corners.


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