20 Beautiful Logo Sketches for Inspiration


Nowadays, sketching has undergone a major comeback. Graphic design programs are becoming more and more powerful, yet more designers are recurring to sketching to brainstorm and create their prototypes. Drawing gives you a certain level of freedom that you can’t experience whilst using a computer software.

There is almost nothing that you can’t create by using a digital software. Moreover, they are time-savers, making your design vectorized from the start. However, you can only benefit from their full features if you learn them completely, and that takes serious skills and time. This is where sketching comes in handy and helps you get really creative.

Sketching is recommended in order to fully understand the structure of your design. Nothing is more comprehensive than the things you build/draw with your own hands.

Keeping that in mind, here you have 20 beautiful logo sketches for inspiration. These were created by experienced designers and you can see their creations in various stages to get an idea of how they thought things through.

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Batter World

This is a stunning logotype that you can use as an inspiration for your own projects. Analyze how this designer created his artwork and see if you can do the same.



Here you have the creation of a beautiful linear monogram. This design will look amazing in digital projects, prints or even in embossments.


AspireBoard Sketches

This is a marvelous design that was created by Eddie Lobanovskiy. You can take a look at the creation of this stunning logomark and see the concept behind the drawing.


Logo Thumbnails

These are stunning sketches of soon-to-become logo designs. Use these drawings as an inspiration on how you must think, sketch before getting the final drawing.


Map Pins

This is a quick and easy, but very effective logomark. The designer used simple shapes and strong interloping colors to create this map pin.


Hendrick’s Quinetum

This is a nice concept design created by Quaker City Mercantile. This design was used for the label of a bottle. See how much work, planning, and imagination one requires in order to conceive this artwork.


ITV Logo Creation

This is a lovely design that was created to become the new logo for ITV. The designer used a flowing motion at the bottom of the letters, connecting them in a unique manner.


Lorensegs Insurance Company

This is a gorgeous sketch that became the logo for Lorensegs. This artwork looks amazing in digital, printed and embossed projects. You have an example in the download file.


Logotypes Collection

This is simply outstanding work on behalf of Creative Mints. This logo has a great concept behind it and the final result is beautiful from any point of view.


Londonderry Sketch Variations

This is a clean and impressive sketch by Helena Olson. This design demonstrates that you might also consider putting your logo in different color variations to see which fits best.


PopChicken Gourmet Express // Identity by IndustriaHED™ Branding

This is the development of the PopChicken Gourmet Express that was carefully designed by IndustriaHED. Use it as a model on how to organize things when creating your logos.



This is an over-the-top design with an artistic aspect. This demonstrates how important detailing really is.


Mission Oaks Cafe Sketchin’ by Mike Jones

This is the creative process of Mission Oaks Cafe logo by Mike Jones. Have a look at this gorgeous logo design and pay attention to the level of detailing.


Hand Lettering by Valentina Badeanu

Having your personal hand lettering with a customized design is also a great idea to use when creating a unique logo.


Logotypes & Icons by Mike

This is another outstanding artwork that became a logo design. The designer meticulously sketched each beautiful detail until he created this amazing piece of art.


Logos by Ink Ration

Here you have some marvelous sketches that you can use next to your brand name to create beautiful logo designs. See which ones inspire you the most.


Logotypes by Mike | Creative Mints

These are amazing sketches of future logo designs with strong mint colors. These will look stunning next to a company name.


AppleJack Logo by Artua

This is a remarkable logo that was created for a game development studio. The designer demonstrates lots of creativity and skills to have created this artwork.


Logos 2012 by Mike | Creative Mints

Here are another amazing logo designs with mint colors. These sketches, show lots of inspiration and creativity and a great level of detailing.


Logo Design

This is an outstanding logo design that was created by Eddie Lobanovskiy. The sketched hand lettering, the layout, and even the presentation are stunning.


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