10 Beautiful High Quality Tumblr Themes


Tumblr is an easy to use free blogging platform. It is highly popular today and a good design will make your blog stand out from the crowd. Check out these hand picked premium, high quality Tumblr themes with beautiful and creative designs, which will help you start your blog right away. Which ones are your favorite? Also, if you’re looking …

Iggy Ko10 Beautiful High Quality Tumblr Themes

10 Must Have Responsive Joomla Templates


Responsive websites are an excellent way to maximize the viewing experience to anyone who visits your site.  A site that is responsive allows you to deliver an optimized user interface to your viewer regardless of whether they’re on a mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer with a cinema screen.  Here are some great template options for websites built on the …

Scott Stanton10 Must Have Responsive Joomla Templates

Photoshop Texture Tutorials


You can create stunning projects by using Photoshop textures. Knowing how to work with textures in Photoshop is a very valuable skill for designers and graphic artists. Here are 10 Photoshop texture tutorials that will make your creation process a lot easier. Creating a Cool Brushed Metal Surface in Photoshop This tutorial will teach you how to create the brushed aluminum texture …

Iggy KoPhotoshop Texture Tutorials

10 Clean and Simple WordPress Themes


Simple WordPress themes are a great starting point for creating an online blog.  They’re popular for their usability and minimalism.. There are many high quality WordPress themes available. Here is a list with 10 free hand picked WP themes selected especially for you. Looking for more WP themes? Check out these 10 Free WordPress Magazine Themes, 10+ Free High Quality Minimalistic WordPress …

Iggy Ko10 Clean and Simple WordPress Themes

10 High Quality jQuery Countdown Scripts


Countdown features can be seen on sport, fashion, or any other type of websites. jQuery countdown timers can also be found on sites that are not online yet or down for maintenance. These are called under construction timers or landing pages. In this article you will find some useful jQuery countdown scripts. Easy Countdown This is a countdown system for you to …

Iggy Ko10 High Quality jQuery Countdown Scripts

10 Colorful Eye-Popping Websites


It’s a fact: websites that use bright, bold and effective colors are the ones that stand out from the crowd and are remembered.  We”ve done some reaserch and looked for the most colorful and vibrant websites on the web, to inspire you in creating beautiful, eye-catching designs. Here is a list with 10 creative eye-popping websites, which use strong, bright colors …

Iggy Ko10 Colorful Eye-Popping Websites

WAPT – Web Application Load, Stress and Performance Testing Review


Moving servers, creating websites…both of those activities require rigorous testing before your sites are live on the server. Take my own experience as an example. Just a few days ago I moved one of my sites to another server. The site seemed to work just fine when I was testing, however once it went live, all of the visitors who …

Iggy KoWAPT – Web Application Load, Stress and Performance Testing Review

10 High Quality PSD Buttons Sets


Buttons are important design elements.  Styled buttons  make the website more attractive for the user and enhance its usability. Regular buttons can easily be missed by users because they’re not eye-catching. Check out these 10 clean High Quality PSD Buttons Sets, free to use, which will surely help you design awesome websites! Simple Download Buttons  This is slight variation of …

Iggy Ko10 High Quality PSD Buttons Sets

10 Best Christmas PSD Resources for Designers


Christmas is near and as a designer you have to be prepared for designing Christmas cards, invitations, websites, banners and so on. These free Christmas PSD resources are perfect for creating your designs. Use them and gain some more time! Looking for more freebies? Check out these Free High Quality Christmas Vectors and  Christmas Cards Designs. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to you …

Iggy Ko10 Best Christmas PSD Resources for Designers

10 Great Inspirational Websites for Designers


If you’re a designer you surely know at least some of these websites. Finding great sources of inspiration is a must for every designer. These great inspirational websites will help you create awesome future projects and inspire you to improve your designing skills. You should follow this websites for daily design inspiration. Check them out and tell us which one …

Iggy Ko10 Great Inspirational Websites for Designers