15 Free Fonts You Must Have


Typography is a central component of design and one of the primary ways of communication. Today, there are thousands of typefaces and fonts  that can be found online. Typography is very important whether we are talking about print, logo or even web design. An accurate and precise font can increase your designs overall value. Here is a list of 15 must-have  free fonts …

Iggy Ko15 Free Fonts You Must Have

10 Great Web Designer Portfolio Websites


As a web designer, you must have an amazing online portfolio, in order to catch the clients’attention and make them hire you. A good portfolio website is the ultimate resume. It not only shows your skills, but it also shows how creative you are. If your portfolio website has a custom made design with personalized elements, will show your future …

Iggy Ko10 Great Web Designer Portfolio Websites

Top 10 Web Design Galleries for Your Inspiration


Whether or not you are a web designer, these 10 web design galleries I listed below are a true source of inspiration. It’s very important for a designer to do some research before beginning a project and what is better than seeing what others have created. It’s a great way to learn more and enhance your designing skills. Hope the …

Iggy KoTop 10 Web Design Galleries for Your Inspiration

Creative and Free Icon Sets


Social media is a crucial platform to help drive businesses these days. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one man show, or a multi-continental corporation, allowing viewers of your site quick and easy ways to plug in to your social media outlets so that they can stay up to date with what’s going on is extremely important. One of the …

Scott StantonCreative and Free Icon Sets

Basic CSS Tricks that Are Not So Basic


CSS simplifies the process of designing. This is what I believe but despite concerted efforts being made to make it more powerful, some web designers are still grappling with its basics. It is not that these designers are not creative or do not know bean about designing, rather they unknowingly make some mistakes that takes a heavy toll on the …

Michael EvansBasic CSS Tricks that Are Not So Basic

Checklist: 12 Most Important Web Design Rules


A well designed website will not only attract many readers but also will help your business grow more than you imagine! When designing you have to respect some basic usability, design and SEO rules in order to make the website successful. Following the 10 rules below will surely help you improve your web designing skills. 1. Use the right fonts …

Iggy KoChecklist: 12 Most Important Web Design Rules

Parallax Scrolling Templates


If you remember, a while back I provided a roundup on parallax scrolling websites (10 Awesome Parallax Scrolling Templates).  Developing a parallax scrolling website can be rather complex and requires a fair amount of coding in jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.  Well that was the case until, so let’s take a look at a few parallax scrolling themes and templates …

Scott StantonParallax Scrolling Templates

Art and Texture: 10 Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds


Textures in web design are very important and useful. Textures add depth to the website and paired with well chosen colors will make your website look great and attract more readers. Using textures will increase readability and make the design look more professional.  Background images also create an amazing atmosphere if designed properly. Here is a post containing 10 great websites …

Iggy KoArt and Texture: 10 Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds

10 Appealing Restaurant/Food Websites


Restaurant websites are a great source of inspiration and will definitely help you learn some nice ways of displaying photos within a design. The main purpose of restaurant websites is to display food photos, so high quality photos are a must! In this post you’ll find 20 restaurant/food websites with different design approaches that will inspire you. Hoddow Hoddow is …

Iggy Ko10 Appealing Restaurant/Food Websites

10 Interactive Websites for Inspiration


Most of the websites these days look the same. Of course, some may have a great design, unique color schemes and logos but most of them are just “standard” websites. A wonderful way to make your website stand out from the crowd is to create an interactive design with great illustrated elements. I share with you today 10 fantastic interactive …

Iggy Ko10 Interactive Websites for Inspiration