Top 20 Sports Website Templates and WordPress Themes


Are you a sports fan, own a sports business or are you just looking for some web design inspiration in this area? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected 20 of the best sports website templates and WordPress themes we could find. Whether you want to create a simple online presentation website for your soccer club or need a …

Iggy KoTop 20 Sports Website Templates and WordPress Themes

10 Cool Music Websites to Inspire You


Most music related websites are really creative and have unique designs. Most of them are often built on WordPress and their main goal is to promote music production, bands, singers, concerts etc.  We created a collection of music websites from  popular musicians and bands to inspire you. Which ones do you like? Also, if you have any suggestions please feel …

Iggy Ko10 Cool Music Websites to Inspire You

Top 20 Community and Education Website Templates


The need for schools, universities, churches and medical institutions to have high quality websites is constantly increasing as online technologies become a bigger part of our lives.  Each time we need to know something we usually turn to the internet for information. A well designed website inspires professionalism and increases the visitors trust in the institution, so it is a …

Iggy KoTop 20 Community and Education Website Templates

Top 20 Premium Real Estate Website Templates


Every real estate company should have a very good online presentation website. It not only builds confidence in the business but it also converts your visitors into clients. Usability is very important in this business, so a user friendly website is essential. We’ve selected 20 real estate websites for you to choose from. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, …

Iggy KoTop 20 Premium Real Estate Website Templates

Top 10 Square Fonts for Designers


Whether you are a web designer, graphic designer or a print designer, you will need great fonts to work well with your ideas. We want to help you get better and better in design and that is why we searched the web for the best square fonts we could find. These square fonts are modern and futuristic and most of all, …

Iggy KoTop 10 Square Fonts for Designers

Top 10 Rounded Fonts for Designers


Whether you are a graphic, print or web designer, a high quality fonts collection is a must. If you haven’t done this yet, it’s time to organize your fonts collection and add some more creative fonts. This way it will be a lot easier to design and there will be no wasted time on searching the perfect font for your …

Iggy KoTop 10 Rounded Fonts for Designers

10 More Beautiful Fullscreen Websites


Fullscreen websites are great at promoting your business. They are very intense and you can deliver your message in a powerful way. Their minimalistic design and great photography are the two main elements that make them so special. We searched the web and selected 10 of our favorite fullscreen websites  designs. If these 10 aren’t enough for you, here’s another 10 Modern …

Iggy Ko10 More Beautiful Fullscreen Websites

20+ Beautiful Home and Garden Website Templates


In this article you’ll find 20+  home and garden website templates perfect for businesses like organic farming, online stores, home decorating services, gardening, real estate, interior design and decorations. Enjoy the beautiful designs and be inspired by their creative graphics! Which template design is your no. 1 favorite? Vegetable Garden This template is absolutely perfect for an organic farming business. …

Iggy Ko20+ Beautiful Home and Garden Website Templates

Top 10 WordPress Gaming Themes


Finding good WordPress gaming themes can be tricky but there are a number of developers who have made some great gaming templates. Some of the themes presented in this article are fully responsive which is a major plus these days when there are many users who access websites using their mobile devices. Which ones do you like? Gonzo  Gonzo is …

Iggy KoTop 10 WordPress Gaming Themes

10 WordPress Menu Plugins For Smooth Navigation


WordPress menu plugins can be very useful for creating mega menus that are very well organized. Most WordPress menu plugins are based on jQuery menu scripts which are known for their great usability. You can add these to your theme by using a code but it is much easier to simply install a WordPress plugin. UberMenu    UberMenu Conditionals adds …

Iggy Ko10 WordPress Menu Plugins For Smooth Navigation