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If you remember, a while back I provided a roundup on parallax scrolling websites (10 Awesome Parallax Scrolling Templates).  Developing a parallax scrolling website can be rather complex and requires a fair amount of coding in jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.  Well that was the case until, so let’s take a look at a few parallax scrolling themes and templates that are out there for us to work with.


Slide One

Slide One is a WordPress theme that offers a nice, clean, simple look with one main column spanning from top to bottom down the middle of the page.  The background images scroll and provide the parallax effect, while the navigation and social icon links maintain a fixed position.  I also like the expanding and collapsing option for the footer, quite clever.



Stellar is a parallax scrolling website that was built with the 960 grid system.   The template doesn’t overload you or bog down the load time of the site with large, high resolution, full-screen background images and relies more on a nice balance of typography and icons to add a little bit of color and character to the site.  The parallax effect is minimal, but it’s there and is just enough to help the site stand out from the others.  It will take a little HTML editing to custom fit this template to your needs, but at $10 it’s hard to beat!



Paralaxr is horizontal scrolling WordPress theme with a pretty cool structure.  There is no scrollbar to allow you to glide between pages, each page displays nicely in one window and jumping from one page to the next makes the fish swim and the underwater life spring in to action.  This theme is developed with HTML5 and CSS3 and allows you to adjust the parallax speed.


Old Bakery

Old Bakery puts a refreshing spin on the standard parallax scrolling site.  The background image is what provides the effect, but rather than making every background image a page they are used to alternate between a page with a staged shot of the baked good with some text, and a full-screen, close-up, detailed picture of some baked goods between each page with text on it.  A very cool concept for this HTML5 template, and for only $12 and a little bit of tweaking you could make it your very own!



Sense is a parallax site that just makes sense.  It’s dripping with parallax scrolling, background images, text, headers, content areas, you name it, chances are it’s moving a different speed than something else.  Complete with anAjax preloader, valid HTML5 and CSS3 code, and custom Google web fonts, it’s a steal for only $15!



The aptly named Parallax WordPress theme offers a great user interface for anyone on the WordPress platform that would like to feature a parallax scrolling effect for the content on their site.  This theme comes with full support and free upgrades, is widget ready, and easily customizable with 2 color variations, 3 page templates and the ability to upload your own logo.


Background 3D Parallax

– no longer available

Background 3D Parallax is more of a foundation to begin your development project off of, rather than a full-on template that just requires some minor tweaking of texts, logos, and images.  But the power that it already has, and the potential that it provides, and for only $5, I had to include it.  You can choose between 4 layers to animate independently, underwater, snow, vines, and bokeh.



Hero is a good option for people who like the parallax effect, but don’t like it to dominate the website.  This WordPress theme offers a simple parallax effect to the main header image on the homepage that gives the site a splash of uniqueness and allows it to stand out more than a simple, static website.  This theme is also responsive and is compatible with all major browsers.



Impress says it all in the title.  I’m a sucker for sites that carry a vertical theme, and that’s exactly what this one does.  Starting with mountain peaks scraping away at the sky and going all the way down below the grassy fields to the dark depths of the dirty, well, dirt.  Impress was build on the Skeleton Grid System, and with a little tweaking of some HTML to incorporate all your details, this site could be yours for only $15!



Scrollfolio is a single page portfolio template that utilizes the parallax scrolling effect to help it stand out above standard, static portfolio web pages.  The code is full of notes, making editing it and populating it with your content a breeze.  Scrollfolio is compatible on all major browsers.

About the author: with over ten years in the freelance web design and writing fields, Scott Stanton has had his finger on the beating pulse of the industry’s hottest design trends and bends for the past decade. Scott regularly writes for the free website builder. Follow him on Twitter @TheScottStanton.

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11 thoughts on “Parallax Scrolling Templates”

  1. Hi Scott,
    some really good examples there, and some great inspiration for getting to grips with parrallax techniques.

    I especially like the Hero template, as it comes as being responsive straight out of the box.

    saying that i could also see myself using scrollfolio too. Love the way the icons on each section scroll into view (and think its more readable/user friendly than the sense template which does a similar thing)

  2. Nice set of parallex templates, I remember the first time we saw the Impress at PCBUS – we were really impressed (if not amazed) with the quality of this template and easiness of working with it. I see there are a few other “classics” here 🙂

  3. Nice collection of parallax templates. We have a new Responsive HTML5 Parallax Template for free download. Please consider to include it in your template collections.

    Thank you!

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