Presenter Review – Create Interactive HTML5 Presentations, Animations, Infographics and Banners


Today I will be reviewing Presenter, an online tool that allows you to create interactive HTML5 presentations, animations, infographics and banners.

Presenter was created by Easy Web Content team. They are certainly not new to creating awesome online tools – in addition to Presenter, they have created a website builder and HTML editor. Let’s look at Presenter in more detail.


Presenter is an extremely versatile drag and drop tool. It allows you to create:

– Animations for mobile and web

– Mock-ups (huge plus!)

– Banner ads

– Interactive resumes

– Product demos

– Interactive infographics

– Graphics and charts

– Web Presentations

– Carousels

– And much more.

Bottom line is, Presenter is all-in-one cloud based tool that enables you to create amazing content – content that will engage your audience and convey your thoughts, messages, products and services effectively in a visual and interactive manner.

Let’s look at some of the things created with Presenter:

Landing page for fund raising:

presenter 1

Product Teaser on Landing Page:

Presenter 2

Collection Product Demo – 2013 Purse of the Year

Presenter 3

Interactive Infographic Tracking Political Data:

Presenter 4

Website Intro For Landing Page:

Presenter 6

Community Benefits Report:

Presenter 5

As you can see, Presenter is an extremely versatile tool, and if you are a web designer – Presenter is indispensable.

Check Out Presenter

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