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  1. designfollow

    great tutorials

    thank you

    1. Karan

      ReallyGood demo

  2. marvincspw

    Nice Tutorials Thanks for sharing

  3. vasu

    Very useful. thanks

  4. Agence Web

    This post was really interesting. I think Ajax is a great way to interact on a website. There’s a lot of stuff we can do using it.

  5. Martin

    Thank you for including my tutorial Andy! You have a great site – I just subscribed to your feed.

    1. Andy

      Thanks! LOve the simplicity and ease of use on TutorialZine. We will feature your top content more often.

  6. muzu

    thnx………..gud info

  7. CyberFox

    Nice Collection! Thanks.

  8. McGoo

    Nice and useful. Thanks :-)

  9. Pritesh Gupta

    Thanks for sharing 😀
    Very useful

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  11. mouad

    Nice and useful. Thanks

  12. kevin

    how to create report pdf and structural diagram using ajax, php and mysql….?please need your help..ASAP…thanks.

  13. vander

    good job

  14. Dave G

    Nice, but the tut on chat does not load.

    Its a dead link.. Please fix

    Dave :)

  15. Ajay

    Nice post.keep posting useful information like this.thank you…

  16. free php scripts

    Best list of PHP Ajax tutorials I found on the internet…

  17. ocopmat

    tnx….very useful to my study…just keep rolling

  18. SABOOR

    i m new webdesing AND i like this site.. but plz someone help me
    how to use download files ?

  19. Web Design South

    Hi there!
    I really value your blogs on Top 20 Ajax Tutorials and will be back again.
    Bye for now..

  20. Praestavi

    Thanks for taking the time to put together this great tutorial! It was very helpful!

  21. geoff

    There are missing hyperlinks for:
    1. Making An Ajax Website
    2. Animated Ajax Login [video]
    3. Ajax Image Loader [video]
    4. Ajax Username Validation
    5. Ajax Guestbook [video]

    Wrong hyperlink for
    ebook ad: “CSS Mastery”

    Can someone check them, please.

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