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  1. Agence Web

    This post was really interesting. I think Ajax is a great way to interact on a website. There’s a lot of stuff we can do using it.

    1. Andy

      Thanks! LOve the simplicity and ease of use on TutorialZine. We will feature your top content more often.

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  3. kevin

    how to create report pdf and structural diagram using ajax, php and mysql….?please need your help..ASAP…thanks.

  4. Web Design South

    Hi there!
    I really value your blogs on Top 20 Ajax Tutorials and will be back again.
    Bye for now..

  5. geoff

    There are missing hyperlinks for:
    1. Making An Ajax Website
    2. Animated Ajax Login [video]
    3. Ajax Image Loader [video]
    4. Ajax Username Validation
    5. Ajax Guestbook [video]

    Wrong hyperlink for
    ebook ad: “CSS Mastery”

    Can someone check them, please.

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