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20 Amazing Designs Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe

POE #2

Once upon a Monday dreary, while I pondered design and JQuery, Over many emails and curious volume of clients galore, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my office door.`’Tis some designer,’ I muttered, `tapping at my office door -Not only Poe inspired designs but much more’ 1) This great poster design ... Read More »

10 Great Examples of Web Design Using Interactive Maps


Incorporating interactive maps into your site’s web design is a great way to draw the viewer in to spend more time on your site, while sharing location-specific data at the same time. The following are ten prime examples of sites that use interactive maps to their advantage. 1. Crime Mapping Choose a state or sheriff’s department to view an interactive ... Read More »

15 Amazing Skull Logos For Your Halloween Inspiration

Skull Logos

Keeping with the Halloween theme, I wanted to get logos in on the spooky fun. This is a collection of 15 AMAZING skull logos for your inspiration. 1) Deep Six Brewery: Very cool logo it could easily be used in the Pirates of the Caribbean. I also love how it really incorporates the feeling of the brand. Also if you ... Read More »

20 Websites To Improve Your Web Design and Development Skills

Tuts+ Free Courses

Most web designers and web developers started by teaching themselves techniques and methods, found on the web. Very few of them actually followed some courses or went to design schools. The best way of learning web design and web development is to learn by yourself, that’s where passion and commitement show up. Self-taught designers and developers have learned a lot ... Read More »

James Bond Movie Poster Evolution

James Bond

I don’t know about you, but I am a big James Bond fan. That is why I wanted to share with you an amazing infographic created by UPrinting that shows evolution of the James Bond movies. To sum up, here’s how the movies progressed from 1962 until now: 1962: Dr. No 1963: From Russia With Love 1964: Goldfinger 1965: Thunderball ... Read More »

MOVIE NIGHT: 25 Great Movies For Designer And Artists

movie blog

I am a big art nerd. Make a movie about art and design and I’m watching it. Here is my list of my favorite movies, perfect for artists and designers. WARNING: Proceed with caution if you are watching these movies with someone who is not an artist or designer. They may fall asleep numerous times, whine that they want to ... Read More »

15 Amazing Artist Interpretations of The Big Lebowski

Christophe Regnault

There are few things I like in life more than The Big Lebowski. This movie has quickly become a cult favorite. With SO many quotable lines and an amazing quirky cast it’s easy to see why. As with many TV shows & movies that are beloved by fans it provides great inspiration for many artists. “You want a roundup? I ... Read More »

Yeti Sighting: 20 Examples of Yeti’s in Web Design

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 11.10.07 AM

Who doesn’t love yeti’s? This illusive, mythical creature has been in movies, TV, books and other media for years. But in recent years we have noticed more and more that they are popping up in web design. Whether they are being used as a mascot, the design itself or in the background imagery. So I have put on my yeti tracking gear and ... Read More »

10+ Full Screen WordPress Themes


Black and White   Black and White is a highly customizable, full screen WordPress theme from HH Color Lab. Ideal for architects, photographers, landscapers, or anyone looking to grab the attention of visitors to their site with sleek, elegant, full screen background images.  Black and White offers enhanced photo galleries, enhanced portfolios, an admin panel, and is all offered for ... Read More »

10 Amazing Handwritten Fonts


Stonepath I like the neat, yet rushed feel that Stonepath has. The lines of each letter are smooth, yet not perfect, and a few of the letters aren’t fully closed or have lines that are perfectly touching each other. It gives it a sloppy but legible feel that could be used on a wide variety of projects. Stonepath also comes ... Read More »