Amazing Apple Concept Designs


There are so many Apple concept designs of existing / current products, and new and innovative products that could be in Apple’s future lineup. Here is a small showcase of some of the best concept designs I really wish were real. Especially the nouveau iPhone concept!

Let me know which Apple concept design you like the best by dropping us a comment to this post. Also, if you have any other awesome concept designs that you would like to share with the other WebDesignDev readers, feel free to drop in a comment.

The Apple Concept Designs…

iPod Touch Concept

This concept reveals the classic iPod design with the chrome back, but in a touch style. There is also play, pause and next / previous buttons along the bottom.

iPod Touch Concept

Nouveau iPhone Concept

This concept redesigns the iPhone. There is a redesigned home button, and the device looks slimmer, and made with a rubber styled material.

Nouveau iPhone Concept

Mac Mini Concept

This mac mini concept connects an ultra slim and glossy mac mini to an apple cinema display.

Mac Mini Concept




Iphone 4G Concept Design

This iphone concept has an ultra thin design, and is names the iPhone 4G.

Iphone 4G Concept Design

Mac Tab Concept Design

This is basically a Mac Tablet. I know Apple brought out their new iPad earlier this week, but personally I think this concept design looks better.

Mac Tab Concept Design

iPhone Nano

Here is a sweet concept design of an iPhone nano. The screen is extremely wide. What do you think?

iPhone Nano

MacBook Touch

Here is a beautiful concept design of what a MacBook Tablet would look like.

MacBook Touch

7-2MacBook Touch

7-3MacBook Touch

Ipod Shuffle Concept

This concept design looks like you wear the iPod round your wrist, and has wireless headphones.

Ipod Shuffle Concept

Transparent iMac Concept

This is a sweet concept. Its basically a transparent iMac, where the screen is built into glass.

Transparent iMac Concept

iPhone Pro Concept

This is more of a block styled concept design of the iPhone. The camera looks very prominent, and it’s nicknamed the iPhone pro concept. Let me know what you think of it.

iPhone Pro Concept

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Iggy KoAmazing Apple Concept Designs

Comments 21

  1. Asker

    :-) Thanks for this wonderful post :-)

  2. Graphic Design Raleigh

    It would be so cool to work on one of these projects! How soon will they integrateinfra-red imagine with mouse functionality like the xbox 360 is doing with project NATAL right now…

  3. curiousEngine

    Very interesting! Especially that of the transparent glass

  4. vasu


  5. Wiltabone

    This is very Nice and Sleek ! Great Job :)

  6. Beau

    Nice collection…I could see some of these hitting the market in years to come.

  7. Agent Deepak

    I am a anti-apple person but if apple make the above Ipod Shuffle. I will be the first one to buy it.

    I also like the Mac Tab Concept.

  8. Shervin

    That is a really cool iPod Shuffle concept!

  9. Site Reviver

    Love the concept designs, if any of them can be made real I would love to have that “ipod shuffle” design :)

  10. Web Design Tutorials

    I like the Nouveau iPhone Concept. Cool Designs.

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  12. Tumi

    Wow, kudos to all the designers who put their imaginations in wonderfully rendered and photoshopped images.

  13. Seobelle

    Most of them look like thinner versions of things already available, Apple have the great marketing and technology to bring out something that has been around for ages, maje it slimmer and more sleek with one patented difference which makes everyone want to go out and buy it.
    Saying that if the shuffle comes out I will pe straight on my imac to buy it and be phoning everyone on my iphone to tell them about it!

  14. ssr

    Iphone 4G Concept Design is great,great post.

  15. Calvin Stephens

    Transparent iMac + iPhone Pro RULE!

  16. omakad

    It’s funny that some of those look just like the ipad and new iphone HD. Little off, but they got most of it right. Interesting.

  17. Sonic Bass

    Love apple stuff, coooool

  18. Ada

    I have to say most of these designs are quite Samsung, LG-like design and I think they are ugly. Those iPhone ones and the Mac Mini are especially ugly….please, please Apple don’t make those…

  19. Henry Ortiz

    Hmm those are really interesting ideas like the ipod shuffle, i could really use one of those. Or the transparent mac could be a great product.
    Really really nice.

  20. Mark Petherbridge

    Very very nice would mind a few of these lol

  21. gtwebworx

    wooow. amazing designs. excellent!

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