The Top 10 Web Applications For Web Designers In 2009


Web Apps are hitting the internet by storm. There are so many around on the internet, running on many different frameworks. I have compiled a list of the top 10 web apps for web designers in 2009. They are ranked descending, so its saving the best until last.

Remember that this is WebDesignDev’s opinion about what apps are the top 10. If you think another app should be number one, then we would love to hear it in a comment.

Enjoy the list and let me know what you think of our number one.

#10 PX to EM

When first making a new CSS stylesheet, you may want to use this tool to set your master text size. Its a very handy tool where you input in your body font size, and then PX to EM converts the font sizes based on your body font size, and outputs the CSS stylesheet too! They also have a custom PX to EM and EM to PX calculator. Visit Site

pxtoem Web Applications Web Designers

#9 Type Tester

TypeTester Allows you to test many different fonts against each other. You can customize many different inputs, such as the bg color, font size, font, alignment, decoration and much more. Visit Site

typetester Web Applications Web Designers

#8 Icon Finder

IconFinder ranked number 8 in our list, because its one of the most, or the most helpful icon search engine around. It helps me to find numerous icons every day, and also includes their license and usage details, and you can download in multiple formats in just one click. Visit Site

iconfinder Web Applications Web Designers

#7 Freckle

Freckle is a very neat time tracking web app for your clients and for yourself. Freckle lets you see the whole project, such as what days you are working, and what on etc. Its the perfect app for freelancers, small businesses and consultants. Visit Site

freckle Web Applications Web Designers

#6 Carbon Made

CarbonMade lets freelancers show off their work to others. With over 165,000 portfolios on the service, no wonder CarbonMade made our list. Plus you can eve upload images to your portfolio! Visit Site

carbonmade Web Applications Web Designers

#5 Kuler

Adobe Kuler is one of the best color applications around. I use this app all the time when I am trying to find colours that match and work well together. Its so simple and easy to use, but you can get lots out of it. Visit Site

kuler Web Applications For Web Designers

#4 Mail Chimp

MailChimp is the best email marketing application out there to date. MailChimp allows you to build and manage email lists, customize and design your email campaigns in HTML, and track and analyze email marketing. With over 175,000 users on the service, its defiantly a win. Plus they also have a free plan if you are on a tight budget! Visit Site

mailchimp Web Applications For Web Designers

#3 Twitter

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networking sites on the planet. Micro-Blogging has taken the internet by storm. This site receives over 10% of its daily traffic from Twitter alone! Twitter can help a web designer gain many more clients and can help get your name out there. Visit Site

twitter Web Applications For Web Designers

#2 Crazy Egg

CrazyEgg is one of the best analytic tools ever created. Ever wondered what visitors click on your site? Or eve why no one is clicking here or on this page? CrazyEgg tracks what users do on your site, and displays it on heat graphs and many more creative charts, so you can see exactly what users do on your website. Visit Site

crazyegg Web Applications For Web Designers

#1 Dropbox

The number one web app of 2009, is Dropbox. This tool is one of the most handy solutions ever. You simple drag and drop files into your Dropbox, and it stores them online! Heck when im out and about and I want to show someone an image, but its not on my phone, I simply login to the Dropbox web interface, and show them the image. I would really recommend using this service. Its great for showing clients design revisions / mockups. You simply save the file direct to your Dropbox. Visit Site

dropbox Web Applications For Web Designers

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Iggy KoThe Top 10 Web Applications For Web Designers In 2009

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  1. Kuldeep

    Thank U very much its really very usefull!

  2. Susie

    CarbonMade is the best!

    1. Regina L

      Much prefer as a portfolio host because it has more traffic and better tools

  3. bykimbo

    Since I already use and love Iconfinder, I’ve saved every link that scored higher, on the assumption I should be checking those too. Off for a paddle…

  4. Theresa Wagar

    Great list. I use about half of the things on it. Thank you for sharing some I missed and probably SHOULD be using!!

  5. Banana

    Thank you very much for this list.

    This will help me a lot !!

  6. Wiltabone


  7. ML Web Consulting

    Archived! Thanks ~ Mike

  8. Rob

    We’re looking to launch our usability testing app in the next month.

    Hopefully we’ll get on the 2010 list :).

    1. Andy

      Looks a nice app.

  9. Martin LeBlanc

    Wow. Iconfinder is placed among the 10 best web apps for webdesigner in 2009. Thanks!

  10. James Deck

    Great post for web developers. What about iStockphoto?

    1. Andy

      Not too keen on that website.

  11. Julieta

    Great list! I loved Iconfinder and Dropbox, i’ve added them to my favorites :) Thanks!!

  12. Bill Chambers

    Nice list! PX to EM is going to come in handy!

  13. JustB

    Good post 😉

  14. Yammy

    I believe they will be very useful to me.

  15. Travel Photography

    That CarbonMade Place seems quite usefuls, I’ll be using it. Thanks.

  16. Muhammad Adnan

    great apps !

  17. Web Design Kent

    SOme very useful links, thankyou.. wonder what will make the list in 2010?

  18. Alí Suárez

    Cool post!!! Thanks!!!

  19. Rahul - Web Guru

    Really cool compilation of articles for Web designers and developers as well.

  20. BestPSTutorials-TR

    Nice collection, thanks for sharing.

  21. Gordon

    Ho ho ho! This one’s going into my bookmarks. Nice job collecting and thanks for sharing!

  22. Charlie Photos

    Thanks for the Carbonmade link. Looks good.

  23. lognzack

    Dropbox is my favourite, too.
    Twitter is fine as well, I use every day.

    Nice list!

    Freckle was new to me, will check this out now.


  24. Bogdan Pop

    Icon Finder very useful indeed.

    Great list.


  25. Timo Körber

    Great List. I’ve been looking for something like Kuler or Icon Finder for so long now. Thanks…

  26. Tim Read: Ripplenet web design

    Thanks – Kuler is my fav. Never heard of Dropbox till now, but sounds really useful.

  27. Tim Read: Ripplenet web design

    Never heard of Dropbox till now, but sounds really useful. Thanks! Kuler is my fav.

  28. ninjacrunch

    Really useful stuff here. This one’s bookmarked. Thanks a lot.


  29. Tristan

    Great list!

    We just launched our accounting/bookkeeping app a few weeks ago. KaffeeBreak was built out of frustration with out accounting packages. We figured there were other small businesses and freelancers having the same problems so we released it.

    Hopefully it will make the 2010 list.

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  31. ed7de

    i am very like your site thank you very much

  32. German

    What about SiS Survey???
    an online poll and survey platform

    a highly recommended tool!!

  33. axisadman

    Drop Box is brilliant – use everyday and it works so well. Could not recommend more highly.

  34. Ritwika

    Just Awesome…

  35. Richard Goodchild

    Top 10 Web Apps for Web Desgners! I love Top 10 posts.. Web Apps… and desgning websites. No Brainer. Bookmarked.

  36. Web designer kent

    Another good post! I’d heard of many already, but there we’re a few nice surprises amongst the front runners. All together a nice blog post to bookmark or tweet about. Thx for sharing guys :-)

  37. ccna chennai

    Really like your top 10 Web application for me

    Thank you very much..

  38. mauritius web design

    Was already using most of them but drop box is a discovery awesome post btw thanks for sharing

  39. Time Clock

    I agree with you on Mailchimp as email tool and crazyegg, which is an websites tracking tool, but what about using a time tracking tool such as Replicon?

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