20 Software Icons Sets for Modern Websites and Apps


If you’re designing a tech-related website or app, these software icons will surely come in handy. Browse through this great collection of pixel-perfect icons and select the ones that fit your website or app’s style.

These software icons are available in AI, PSD, SVG, PNG, and JPEG file formats.

You can choose between various stunning designs, with different styles such as outlined, flat, colored, etc. These icons have diverse utilities and can be used to symbolize email, documents, IT services, software, programming, antivirus, files, database, SEO, audio, video, computer security, business, and more.

They have customizable designs and a lot of them are in vector format which makes them perfect for any project size. Check them out and use them in your current or upcoming projects!

Want more icons? Check out this huge bundle with 1000+ icons!

IT Services & Software Business Icon Set

Here is a neat collection of IT services & software business icons with a lined design. These premium items are available in a fully scalable and editable vector format.


File Types, Documents, Folder Flat Icons – Line Icons

This is a lovely pack of well-designed icons with a beautiful flat design. These items are about file types, documents, folders, etc. Take a look!


Text, Email Flat Icons – Line Icons

Check out this great icon set with long shadows that you can download and use in your projects. These are colorful vectors which can be scalable and editable.


Map, Location, Navigation Flat Icons – Line Icons

This is a large collection of nice location, maps, navigation icons. These premium items have a nice vector layout with long shadows. Take a look and see if these are useful to you. Enjoy!


Weather – Forecast Flat Icons – Line Icons

Take a look at these colorful vector icon set with a long shadow. Download, customize and use them in websites, applications, UI, templates, etc.


Programming icons

Here is a pack of icons with a fully editable design. These icons are available in JPEG, AI, PSD, PNG file formats. Check them out and use them in your projects.


25 Programming icons

Here is a great set of 25 programming vector icons that can be used in various websites, applications, etc. You can download them in AI, SVG, PSD, PDF, PNG file formats.


Files and folders icons set

This is an excellent pack of 35 icons that are print ready. These can be easily customized and are available in high-resolution PSD, PNG, AI, EPS, file formats.


Antivirus Line Icon

This is a lovely collection of antivirus line icons. These premium items have a professional design that you can download and edit in EPS, AI, and PNG file formats.


80 Flat File Type Icons

Check out this great compilation of beautiful icons with a flat and colorful design. These premium files are ready to be used and will look stunning in your projects.


Document Icons

Take a look at these amazing document icons with a fully customizable design that you can scale at any size. This is available in various file formats such as AI, ASP, BMP, CSS, DOC, EPS, EXE, FLA, FLV, GIF, and more.


Software Tools 1

This is a nice collection of 50 vector illustrations that you can download and use in various file formats such as AI, EPS, JPG, PNG. Enjoy!


Database Analytics Flat Icons Set

Here is a great selection of database icons with a lovely flat design. These premium items can be downloaded and used in EPS and JPG formats.


Icons Bundle: App Icons Generator 3 in 1

Check out these beautiful app icons with stunning designs that are available in unlimited variations. Take a look and see if you can use them in your projects.


E-learning Icons Flat Set

These are gorgeous icons with a lovely flat design. You can download these vector elements in various file formats, EPS, JPG, whichever fits your projects.


Hacker Icons Flat Set

Here is a great collection of professional icons with a flat design. These beautiful vector illustrations can be scalable and used at any size, without any quality losses.


Computer Security Icons Set Line

This is a wonderful pack of high-quality icons with a beautiful line design. These vectors can be downloaded in EPS, JPG file formats. Enjoy!


Seo Marketing Icons Set

Take a look at these great SEO marketing icons that you can download and use in your projects. These premium files are fully customizable and will look beautiful in your websites, apps, etc.


Vector Audio and Video Player Icons

Here is a wonderful collection of vector icons that you can easily customize to meet your requirements. These can be downloaded in EPS, JPG, and PSD formats.


Programming Icons Set

These are beautiful programming icons that you can use in various projects. These are premium items that are available in EPS, JPG formats.


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