The Best of Blog Comment Designs

The Best of Blog Comment Designs

This is a follow up of our post from back in October titled “24 Wonderful But Different Blog Comment Form Designs“. This time, we are showcasing the best of blog comment designs. Some comment layouts may be threaded, and some aren’t, but they all look great. Let me know what comment design / style you like the best. I think my favorite has to be the Hicks Design. Anyway, enjoy the compilation, and feel free to comment with your style.

Good Bytes

Good Bytes Blog Comment Designs

This comment section has a very nice design made out of rectangular talk clouds. The numbers are a nice detail.

Deziner Folio

Deziner Folio Blog Comment Designs

This dark themed blog has a nice design for its comment section.  It also features the users photos. 

Hicks Design

Hicks Design Comment Designs

This great comment section also has a RSS link. The design is pretty simple, but very effective. 


WebDesignerDepot Comment Designs

Web Designer Depot has a super simple, all white, blog comment design. The users with no custom photos have a vector icon as a profile photo. 


DesignBombs Comment Designs

Design Bombs uses a very simple comment section design with a dark, grey color. 


WebDesignerWall Comment Designs

Web Designer Wall has a nice design for their comment section. The subtle swirls and gradients are a nice touch. 

N.Design Studio

N.Design Studio Comment Designs

What makes this comment section special is the background used. It looks like old paper texture. The comment boxes style is simple and clean. 


Snook Comment Designs

Snook’s comment section has a nice grey textured background. The comment boxes are minimalist and only separated by some subtle lines. 


SohTanAka Comment Designs

This is a dark themed comment section with a very simple design. This one also has a icon for the date of the comment. 

For A Beautiful Web

For A Beautiful Web Comment Designs

This comment section has a very clean design. The comments are only separated by some thin, subtle lines. The background has some nice, vintage, elegant swirls. 

Ordered List

Ordered List Comment Designs

This blog comment design uses simple, transparent comment boxes. The background has some nice colors which blend together nicely. 

eGrace Creative

eGrace Creative Comment Designs

eGrace Creative uses a more grungy, crafty design for it’s comment section. The background looks like ripped paper. 

Matt Brett

Matt Brett Comment Designs

The dark brown background create an earthy atmosphere. The design is very basic, the comments are separated only by thin lines. 

Darren Hoyt

Darren Hoyt Comment Designs

Darren’s website uses a simple, pastel blue colored comment section. The structure is pretty basic. 


Tutorial9 Comment Designs

Tutorial 9 has a simple comment section with grey backgrounds and rounded corners rectangles. 


Anidea Comment Designs

Anidea uses vibrant pink as an accent color in its blog comment design. 

Fuel Your Creativity

Fuel Your Creativity Comment Designs

This website has a very simple and cool design for its comment section. It uses dark pink and light grey. 

Komodo Media

Komodo Media Comment Designs

This is a simple dark themed comment section design. The comments are separated by dotted lines. 

Veerle’s Blog

Veerle's Blog Comment Designs

Veerle’s blog uses pink, green and blue colored fonts. The design is simple and user friendly.

103 thoughts on “The Best of Blog Comment Designs”

  1. Awesome and much useful information. Nice and detailed explanation.
    Thanks for sharing this excellent info and tweeted 🙂

  2. I like the information. and for blog commenting i always prefer disqus plugin which works fantastic

  3. Great post..

    The way you have presented the post with all the examples is also very impressive.

    I was looking for some option as I am designing one nowadays..

    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Hola! I’ve been following your web site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Tx!

    Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent job!

  5. Thanks for putting this list together. I think we all may have our own opinions on some of these being great and deserving of being showcased and some others not so great. I like eGrace Creative I think because it is fun but still simple.

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  7. Great post. There’s some really inspiring designs in here. Proof that blog comments needn’t look dull. A good design will encourage more people to comment and engage with your posts.

    Best wishes, Alex.

  8. Awesome collections. Your post is innovative and inspired me, thanks for sharing this type of article. Keep going

  9. Great collection of designs i have seen some of the best designs last year son some forum and i took the step to recreate some designs of my own.. websites like these personally take you to some level 🙂 just rocks

  10. Nice quality and selection of various blog designs. Works well for many different styles of sites. Thank you!

  11. Nice article. All designs are good and very creative. WebDesignerWall’s design is really nice it really looks great.

  12. Nice article. All designs are good and very creative. WebDesignerWall’s design is really nice it really looks great.

  13. Blog comments is the one area that will update often. Its good for the web desgiens .All web designs are good and very creative. Web Designer Wall’s design is really nice it really looks great.thanks for the information.

  14. Hi there

    Thanks for sharing the same i almost liked all the ones but being a designer i got the best idea of designing my menus Bluemoon Dueling Piano Bar”

    Thanks a ton

  15. Ordered List and Veerle’s Blog are nice because of the comment differation. Being able to see divisions between comments can make things a lot easier.

  16. Goodbyte looks pretty good, but not really that outstanding since the background is black then the design of the comment is still a dark color. Much better if it’s a bit lighter right?

  17. Well actually blog comments designs depends of the website and the design of the website , you cant place blue shiny design on commments if the main theme colour of your website is pink.

  18. I don’t like Deziner Folio. The design is too dark for me. I prefer the first design, Good bytes, though the color combination isn’t that pleasing the design looks more elegant.

  19. Nice article. All designs are good and very creative. WebDesignerWall’s design is really nice it really looks great.

  20. There’s something I don’t like about the “N.Design Studio” comment design, but the “Ordered List” comments are amazing. Overall, nice compilation.

  21. Nice article. All designs are good and very creative. WebDesignerWall’s design is really nice it really looks great.

  22. Even though there are some really nice comment designs in the list I don’t think that all of them deserve a place in this showcase. Some of them are pretty basic and simple and don’t really stand out in any way.

    Thanks for going through the trouble of collecting all of these though.

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