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If you going to have a jazzy website design, then why not have the default error 404 page that your browser throws up? Why not have your own one. Many websites have made a custom error 404 page. Here is a collection of some of the ones I like best.

Let me know what one you like the best. I think the Heinz empty bottle is one of the most creative. Also, I’m sure there are many other cool error 404 pages out there and we would love to hear about them. If you find any more creative ones, please drop us a comment!

Error 404 Compilation…


Heinz 404 Error Pages

Heinz custom 404 page looks awesome! It’s simple, yet effective! You can imitate it by using a high quality photograph as a custom 404 page. 

Martin Korner

Martin Korner 404 Error Pages

This road skign concept is very nice for a 404 page. It’s unique and fun!

Suspended Animations

Suspended Animations 404 Error Pages

The weird and cute vector mascot makes this page stand out! It also displays a navigation menu, which is  avery good thing. 

404 Train

404 Train Error Page

The 404 train is a cool concept to use for your 404 page design. 

Red Tag

Red Tag 404 Error Pages

This is a super-fun 404 page made of vector illustrations. The upside down idea is very creative!

Error 404

Error 404

You can add your own photo to your 404 page if you’re designing it for your portfolio.

Renet Web

Renet Web Not Found Page

This 404 page has a nice sunburst effect and cool grungy elements. 

Error 404

Error 404 #2

This is a simple and modern design for a 404 page. It is designed in shades of blue and the text has a metallic effect added to it. 

404 Not Found

404 Not found

This 404 page uses an Attention sign. It simple but some links would be more useful. 

CSS Tricks

Css Tricks 404 Error Page

CSS Tricks has a super fun, personalized 404 page. The ripped paper effect and the code behind are very nice details. 

Home Star Runner

Home Star Runner 404 Error Pages

This is a super-creative and fun 404 page design. The text will make you laugh and the handdrawn fonts adds some more personality to the design. 

404 Error

error page design

This is a weird 404 page with some cool photos and vector graphics and red as an accent color. 

24-7 Media

24-7 Media 404 Error Page

Creepy! This 404 page uses a dead fly as a main graphic element. This is surely a 404 page to remember. 

WP Beginner

404 Error Pages - WP Beginner.

This is a lovely 404 page with orange accents. It’s simple and user friendly. 


404 Error Pages - Fotolia.

Fotolia has a great 404 page with a camera lens image as a main graphic element. 

Frye Wiles

404 Error Pages - Frye Wiles.

The cure, fat bird vector illustrations make this custom 404 page look unique. The message is super fun and will surely put a smile on your face. 

Jack Fig

404 Error Pages - Jack Fig

This is a simple and nice 404 page with a vector attention sign, clouds and grass elements. 

Fortune Cookie Error

404 Error Pages - Fortune Cookie

This is a super fun fortune cokie 404 page, with a cool message “404 fortune not found”. 

iStock Photo

404 Error Pages - iStock Photo

This 404 page has some really cool graphics. The clouds and kitten vectors make it both cute and fun! The error message is great too!

Apartment Home Living

404 Error Pages - Apartment Home Living

This vintage inspired 404 page is defintely unique and looks great! No links though.

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82 thoughts on “The Best of Error 404 Pages”

  1. Great compilation of 404! I simply love creativity where you least expect it. Agreed about the Heinz bottle too….. Very creative!

    Check out mine….

    1. Yours looks nice. Maybe you could add in bold error 404 somewhere because the error doesn’t really stand out that much.

  2. Nice post, we use a nice pic for the 404 file for; look for example:

  3. i like the one on because it’s helpful too – well kind of!

    Still the heinz one rocks!

  4. Love it when developers get creative with 404 error pages! I vote for the fortune cookie. Here’s a 404 page I put up recently:

  5. Some of these are great but not all of them are even creative! what about’s 404 page – pretty clever.

  6. I always love 404 pages that have a sense of humor. We all make mistakes right? Check out the 404 page I created for the sports photography site, Replay Photos.

  7. I’m a big fan of anything that enhances usability and error pages are no exception. I always get clients to picture their customers ‘journey’ through their website and try to look for bottlenecks. Deadlinks are a massive banana skin and these fab designs will help to drive my message home whilst inspiring web designers to think outside their comfort zone. Thanks for putting this together guys (already retweeted, liked, plus one, and LinkedUp – Yay 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing, have always been enjoying your posts. 🙂

    By the way what do you think about my 404 page?

  9. Good stuff! The 24/7 page is my favorite because I have a soft spot for wordplay, but I also love the design of the page that looks like a deconstructivist poster…very compelling design.

    I just have to LOL at everything Homestarrunner. Arrow’d!

  10. The Heinz ketchup example is a great one. You can now see it here:

    Some others that got us inspired: (w/ parallax effect), (golfers will sympathize), (broke our hearts). This is what we came up with: Any ideas on how can we improve it?

    Thanks for the round-up Iggy!

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