20 Smart Tools and Apps for UX Designers


In a world where hundreds of new apps and websites are released each day, creating high quality and user-friendly products is essential if you want to stand out from the rest.

User experience is extremely important, though testing a website or an app before it is released can be a time-consuming process. Fortunately, there are some tools that can be used to do just that, making the testing process easier and faster. You can quickly test clickable prototypes and make the necessary adjustment in no time.

Some of these apps for UX designers will assist you in creating high-fidelity models from your sketches, wireframes, or mockups. Others are used to successfully gather feedback from your project members or from customers. Also, you can use recordings and heatmaps to see exactly how your app is used.

Here are a bunch of different tools and apps for UX designers to inspire you in creating the best products on the web. Take a look and choose what is right for you!


Murally is great for getting more organized. It works online and all your colleagues can write ideas and collaborate on the project. It is a great tool for online brainstorming.



MouseStats is a UX analytics set which will guide you through becoming more efficient in the online world. It comes with the following features: session recording, website heat maps, form analytics, web surveys.



Trello is a great way to easily collaborate with each  other on any given project from the beginning to its completion. You can add comments, download, add attachments, and more. Take a look!



Appsee is a neat app that gives you a full rapport on the behavior of your users when browsing. It uses recordings, heat maps, and in-app analytics reports.



Notism is a great tool for successful work collaborations. It is really fast and accurate, letting you send/receive feedback easily.



Ethnio is a great UX research management which uses various types of research: in-person interviews, online research, surveys, remote UX testing, or customer panels.



Memosort is a neat tool that is perfect for your team to share ideas and work together online. It comes with the following features: real-time collaboration, sticky notes & labels, export, card reverse, save & history, and voting.



POP is an excellent tool that helps you to mold your sketched ideas for an app into a prototype. It is simple to use and has an intuitive interface. If you are thinking of creating a new app, you should definitely try this out!



Proto.io helps you to create the apps of your dreams. It creates high-fidelity models of your app so that you can see exactly how it will look.



Gliffy is an exceptional tool for creating diagrams, flowcharts, org charts, UML, and more. It is easy to share your project and to work with everyone, no matter the browser they are using.



Balsamiq is a neat tool that comes with great  mockups to help you create mobile apps, interfaces, software, web sites It is a real time-saver that uses lots of UI elements. Enjoy!


Power Mockup

Power Mockup comes with lots of wireframe and mockup tools that are created for PowerPoint. It has a generous selection of UI items made only using PowerPoint. These can be used to design screens for web and mobile apps.



Invision is an excellent platform that helps you create high-fidelity prototypes. You can easily add your files, insert animations, and your static screen will be converted into an interactive design.



UXPin is a neat tool that allows you to easily work together with you colleagues on the internet. You can co-design and receive feedback for your work, all in real time.


Red Pen

Red Pen is a really easy tool for receiving feedback from your colleagues. All you need to do is add your comment on the screen and everyone will see it live.



Solidify is used to successfully design high-fidelity prototypes from your sketches, wireframes, or visual mockups. It works really fast in getting feedback from your team members so that you can update your project.



Cage is a great tool for sharing, manage and approve your project with your other team members. It has never been easier to receive feedback. Take a look at its full features!



Silverback is a great app with a new interface that allows you to use your iPhone to record without any interruptions. It is created on OSX and optimized for Yosemite, and it also has an advanced exporting feature.



UserVoice is a great tool that allows you to easily receive feedback and then to successfully add it to your work. It is excellent to use in your project. Take a look at its features!



Attensee is a neat tool that allows you to measure how efficient your design actually is. This will allow you to see what doesn’t work as it should be and to replace or modify it. Enjoy!

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