20 Amazing UX Design Tutorials To Watch


Do you want to become a great UX designer and create awesome user interfaces with very functional and friendly layouts? If the answer is yes, then you might want to take a look a these 20 amazing UX design tutorials all designers should watch!

UX design is the process of designing products, either digital or physical, that are useful, easy to use, and great to interact with.

By checking out these great UX design tutorials, you can learn what is UX, how it changed the world, what it’s future looks like, what are the foundations of UX, UX myths and many more helpful facts!

These tutorials will help you easily learn the basics and even more about UX design and all that it implies.

Check these out!

What is UX by Géraud de Laval

What-is-UX-by-Géraud-de-Laval UX Design Tutorials

How to Teach UX Design by Christina Wodtke


UX is not UI by Nicolas Demange


How UX Design has Changed the World by BuiltByHQ


The Future of UX: Designing Data Experiences by Dan Willis


Typography and User Experience by Sara Cannon


Foundations of UX: Prototyping by James Williamson

Foundations-of-UX-Prototyping-by-James-Williamson UX Design Tutorials

UX Design Myths from Evan Samek


Graphic Design Tutorial: User Experience by Shawn Barry Graphic-Design-Tutorial-User-Experience-by-Shawn-Barry

The Three Ways that Good Design Makes You Happy by Don Norman


What’s New in Photoshop for Web, UI/UX, and App Design by Adobe Photoshop


UX Design + UI Design: Injecting a Brand Persona by Jayan Narayanan

UX-Design-+-UI-Design-Injecting-a-Brand-Persona-by-Jayan-Narayanan UX Design Tutorials

Forty UI/UX Design Examples by Forty Agency


Android Design in Action: Common UX Issues by Nick Butcher, Adam Koch, and Roman Nurik


Lean UX for Startups and Enterprise: Ten Secrets to Successby MoDev


Photoshop/Illustrator Tutorial: Google Material Design by Ferdi Armagan


UXPA Lean UX Bridging the Gap between UX and Developersby Andrew Mottaz


Sketch 3 Tutorials by LevelUpTuts


Win User Loyalty by Targeting Logic and  Emotions by Mike Donahue


Love In an Elevator – UX as Business Strategy by Stephen Collins


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