WordPress Showdown – 13 Beautiful New Free WordPress Themes


So many free WordPress themes are available for download. Here is a small pick of 13 really nicely designed ones that have been released within the last few months. Some of them also have allocated space for 125px adverts and header ads. And remember they are all free to download! If you want to add any to our next collection that are released throughout the October / November period, drop us a comment.

Pyrmont V2

Pyrmont V2 Free WordPress Theme

This is a dark WordPress theme. It has build in links, archives pages and widget support. The theme is released under GPL.

Divisions Of The Year

Divisions Of The Year Free WordPress Theme

This is a 3 columns free WordPress theme with a 2-columns sidebar. It’s widget ready and has 4 season themed design styles in only one theme!

Blogger Notes

Blogger Notes Free WordPress Theme

This cool and crafty free WordPress theme can be used as a personal online diary. It looks great and has some feminine details.

Light Word

Light Word Free WordPress Theme

This is a simply clever theme with two or three columns, Adsense support, fixed-width, widget-ready and threaded comments. It is compatible with WordPress 2.9 and above and has valid XHTML & CSS + WP3 ready.

News Pulse

News Pulse Free WordPress Theme


This awesome WordPress theme alsmost looks too good to be free! Well, it is! Download it and use it as an online magazine website.

Fabseries Magazine

Fabseries Magazine Free WordPress Theme

This is another free WordPress theme with a premium design. You can use this as an online magazine and blog about anything you want. It is easy to customize. 

Wood Tastic

Wood Tastic Free WordPress Theme

This cool WP theme has a wooden textured header and brown, earthy elemenets. The design is simple and nice. 


Arclite Free WordPress Theme

Arclite is a simple but elegant theme with lots of theme options. This theme was designed by digitalnature.

Warm Autumn

Warm Autumn Free WordPress Themes

Warm Autumn is a cool WP theme with an abstract, faded background. It looks great as a personal blog. 

Blak Magik

Blak Magik Free WordPress Themes

This theme was designed by productivedreams.com for smashing magazine website. It has an earthy look and some cool wooden textured buttons. 

Cordobo Green Park 2

Cordobo Green Park 2 Free WordPress Themes

This free WordPress theme is a lightweight fast-rendering theme with a 2-3 column layout and a right sidebar. It is widget-ready (has 4 slots), has built-in support for plugins (e.g. twitter), support for threaded/nested comments, fully localized and it’s easy to customize via settings-page.


Flambeau Free WordPress Themes

Flambeau has a more grungy look. The great element is the photo box in the upper right corner. It looks nice.


Mystique Free WordPress Themes

This is the standard version of the popular Mystique theme. It as extensive customization options trough the dashboard and additional features are now only available in the ATOM-powered version.

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Iggy KoWordPress Showdown – 13 Beautiful New Free WordPress Themes

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