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20 HQ BuddyPress Templates for Interactive Community Websites

BuddyPress Templates for Interactive Community Websites

Want to create a forum website? Then you must have heard of BuddyPress! BuddyPress is an open source social networking software package that comes as a plugin which can be installed on the WordPress platform. BuddyPress lets users sign-up, create profiles, post messages, make connections, interact in groups, and much more. This plugin is the perfect way to create a forum using WordPress. To make things ... Read More »

20 Best WooCommerce Website Templates for Perfect Online Shop

Best WooCommerce Website Templates for a Perfect Online Shop

WordPress WooCommerce themes are the perfect and easiest way to set up an online shop. You probably are already familiar with WordPress, one of the most popular publishing platforms ever! This platform has started gaining more users even in the online commerce niche. We selected 20 best WooCommerce website templates to help you create a perfect online shop! These templates are ... Read More »

20 Newest Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Newest Free Responsive WordPress themes

Free responsive WordPress themes are a very popular search term on the web. If you want to start your website fast and with little or no investment, then these free responsive WordPress themes are just perfect for you! We selected 20 of the newest free responsive WordPress themes on the web, with wonderful, professional designs and user-friendly layouts! If you ... Read More »

20 Dark Music WordPress Templates

Dark Music WordPress Templates premium

WordPress music themes are perfect for anyone working within the music industry. You can easily have a professional website to showcase songs, photos, videos, concerts  and many more  by using a WordPress music theme.These themes offer all the features you need. Also, most music related websites are really creative and have unique designs. Today, we selected 20 dark music WordPress ... Read More »

20 Inspiring Internet Service Provider Website Designs


If you’re in the internet service business, then having a great website with a professional design is a MUST! You may not have any design or programming skills, but that’s not a problem. There are so many premium themes out there you can buy and set up your website in just a few minutes with minimum costs. Today, we complied ... Read More »

20 Best Free WordPress Themes

Twenty Fourteen free wordpress theme

Holiday season is here and this year will come soon to an end. Web designers released a bunch of great, high quality, free WordPress themes last year, and we collected the best 20 to showcase in this post. Here are 20 Best Free WordPress Themes that we want to share with you now. Which ones are your favorite and which ones ... Read More »

10+ Pets and Animals Website Templates and Themes


As a designer, were you ever put in front of a project that you just didn’t know how to start? Well I know I was, and searching for inspiration is the first step to solve a problem like that. Pet related websites must be cute and cuddly and inspire friendliness, comfort and happiness. These designs cover a broad range of ... Read More »

Top 20+ Fashion & Clothing Ecommerce Website Templates & Themes


The online shopping business is rapidly expanding especially in niches like clothing/fashion and IT/Electronics products. People started to realize the great benefits of shopping online and so online stores are getting more and more popular. We’ve looked around the web and selected 20 of the coolest fashion and clothing websites to inspire you in creating awesome designs. If you own ... Read More »