10 Interactive Websites for Inspiration

10 Interactive Websites for Inspiration

Most of the websites these days look the same. Of course, some may have a great design, unique color schemes, and logos but most of them are just “standard” websites. A wonderful way to make your website stand out from the crowd is to create an interactive design with great illustrated elements. I share with you today 10 fantastic interactive websites that contain unique illustrations. Enjoy!


Here’s a dynamic website with beautiful illustrations animated with parallax scrolling!

Cyclemon Interactive Websites

Alex Buga

This is a portfolio website owned and created by Alex Buga, a Romanian musician, and web/graphic designer. The website is fun and has great colors and illustrations that clearly show his advanced design skills.

Alex Buga Interactive Website

Beatbox Academy

The Beatbox Academy lets you create drum beats by hitting certain keys on your keyboard. It is fun! The website is very intuitive and the animations add a bit of a cool factor.

Beatbox Academy Interactive Websites

Evans Halshaw – Bond Cars

This website has an abundance of great quality illustrations which create an interactive and unique design. The creators of the website proved that you can design a professional website that will stand out from the crowd following a more fun path rather than using the usual rigid and boring business website layouts.

James Bond 007 Interactive Websites

Play Dot to Dot

This is an advanced online game for playing dot-to-dot puzzles with high-quality detailed illustrations.


Kick My Habits

The website is very simple but has fun and good quality illustrations which make it unique. The use of vibrant colors have a strong impact on the user and creates a fresh and fun atmosphere.

Kick My Habits Interactive Websites


This website has a very fun design. The main goal of the website is to gain lots of users for the dating app. The whole design is fun and friendly.

PURE Interactive Websites


This website has an extremely creative and smart layout with great transitions. The backgrounds are made of high-quality textures. The whole website is highly interactive, which makes it more appealing to the visitors.

Zervice Interactive Websites

Future of Car Sharing

This website has an infographic design with interactive data and subtle animations and it surely is an inspiration! The infographic is showcased in a very smart way and the way it was made interactive, makes the visitor pay more attention to the information presented there.

Future of Car Sharing Interactive Websites

Robby Leonardi

This is a fun and totally unique resume website. The interface is dynamic, interactive, and very well-designed.

Robby Leonardi Interactive Websites

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