15 Top PHP Coding Tutorials, Tips and Tricks


PHP is a widely-used scripting language that is suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP is used in many websites on the internet. We have compiled a list of 15 top PHP coding tutorials and tips / tricks  to help you better understand it. These should keep you busy for a while. They all can come in handy sometime when you are coding. These PHP tutorials / tips / tricks are either video tutorials which you can watch from this page, or text tutorials where we’ve provided a link to the tutorial.

PHP Ajax Live Search

Ever wondered how to create those awesome looking search boxes where you can see the results in real-time as you are typing? This tutorial teaches you just that. Take advantage of AJAX and learn how to create real-time results in your search box.

How to: Create dynamic XML Sitemap & RSS Feed in PHP and MySQL

XML / RSS is an easy way to make your content global and available to various platforms. In this tutorial, you’ll find out how easy it is to create feeds for your content in PHP.

Scrape Websites with Python

Any info you need, be sure you’ll find it on Wikipedia! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how you can build a small scraper in PHP to fetch basic information about any topic from Wikipedia or any other website.

Single Sign-on Using OpenID, PHP and MySQL

Enable your website / web application to accept OpenID as a way of login.  In this tutorial you’ll have a look at how you can enable your site for Open ID logins. You’ll be using PHP and MySQL.

Creating Simple Shopping Cart Using PHP & MySQL

This useful PHP coding tutorial will teach you how to create a simple and easy to use shopping cart to use on your website.  Make sure to watch this shopping cart video tutorial in full!

Create Your Own PHP MYSQL Search Engine

Learn how to make your own search engine using this PHP coding tutorial! There are a ton of ways to design and implement a search engine, but this tutorial shows you a quick easy way.

Login to Analytics API Using PHP

Great little tip / trick that teaches you how to login to the Google Analytics API using PHP. This tutorial will enable you to display the Google Analytics data directly on your app or website without having to log in to Analytics.

PHP File Create & Write

In this PHP coding tutorial, you will learn how to create a file using PHP and write it on your server. This tutorial takes advantage of the fopen() function to create a file. Sounds strange? Well that’s precisely how it works. If you attempt to open a file that doesn’t currently exist on your server, your server will create the file. This tutorial also takes advantage of the fwrite() function to write to a file.

Limit Characters From Your Text

In this tutorial you will learn how to limit characters from a sentence without cutting words up. This is a really useful tutorial for beginner web developers. You’ll learn how it’s done in this helpful step by step tutorial.

Create An Advanced Password Recovery Utility

Learn how to create a very advanced password recovery tool using PHP. This can be useful, and you can implement it in to your website login system.  This PHP coding tutorial teaches you how to handle encrypted and unencrypted passwords, basic mySQLi functions, and how to also build in a temporary lockout if the user answers the security question incorrectly too many times.

Error 404 Pages With PHP Auto-Mailer

Website error pages are perhaps one of the most overlooked pages of a website. This is an awesome tutorial for creating a custom error 404 page. This tutorial teaches you how to spice up the design a bit, add basic navigation and link to the website’s sitemap.

Simple PHP Class For Parsing Markup

This tutorial will teach you how to make a simple class that wraps PHP’s various regex functions in a fluent interface.

PHP based Address Book Using MySQL

Learn how to create a PHP address book and store all the addresses in a MySQL database with this helpful PHP coding tutorial.

Zero Fill a Number

Learn how to make a number a certain amount of characters. Such as 5 you could make to 005. We accomplish this by using the str_pad PHP function.

$string = 777;
$zero = 5;

echo str_pad($string, $zero, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT); // 00000777

Simple Private Messaging System – Use PHP to create a PM system

In this tutorial you will learn on how to write a simple Private Messaging System for an existing userlogin script.

47 Simple Private Messaging System - Use PHP to create a PM system

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