1500+ Premium PSD, PNG and JPEG Web Designer package

Get 1500+ PSD, PNGs and JPEGs

This enormous package of premium headers, logos and icons is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

This mind-boggling package includes:

75 Premium Header PSDs:

First Set of 25…

Premium Headers 1Premium Headers 2

Second set of 25…

Premium Headers 3

Premium Headers 4

Third set of 25…

Premium Headers 5Premium Headers 6

Just these 75 premium header PSDs alone are worth the price of this package…but let me continue. Also included in this package are:

Over 340 Logos in PSD format (with JPEG included)…yes, really!

How would you like to be able to design a logo for you client within a few minutes instead of hours?

This package includes over 340 PREMIUM logo PSDs…all you will ever need in your web design career.

Check out the screenshots below to see what you will get (note that the logos in the screenshots are not actual size: the actual PSDs are very high resolution and much bigger)

Logos 1Logos 2Logos 3Logos 4Logos 5Logos 6Logos 7Logos 8Logos 9Even more logos

What can you do with this amazing package of 340+ premium logo PSDs?

1. Use them as is – just put your client’s name there, and you are done.

2. Use the PSDs to add your own touch to the logos – you can create more than 1000 logos from these 340+ premium logo PSDs.

3. Take the parts you like and use them in your designs.

This package is literally months and months of hard work. All of this has already been done for you.

In addition to the 75 Premium Header PSDs and 340+ Logo PSDs, also included in the package are:

150+ Media Icons (PNG)…

(actual size not shown)

150 Mono Media Icons

40+ Social Icons (PNG):

Social Icons

15 Twitter Backgrounds (JPEG)…

Twitter Backgrounds


18+ PDF Icons (PNG)…

PDF Icons

55 Media CD Icons (PNG)…

Media Cd Icons

9 Book Covers (JPEG)…

(actual size not shown)

9 Book Covers

25+ CD Case Icons (JPEG)…

(actual size not shown)

27 CD Case Icons

25+ CD Icons (JPEG)…

(actual size not shown)

27 CD Icons

35+ DVD Case Covers (JPEG)…

(actual size not shown)

39 DVD Case Icons Part 139 DVD Case Icons - Part 2

35+ Spiral Book Covers (JPEG)…

(actual size not shown)

39 Spiral Book Covers - Part 139 Spiral Book Covers - Part 2

35+ Floating Cash Icons (PNG)…

Cash 1

12 Certificate Icons (8 PNG, 4 JPEG)…

Certificate Icons

18 Gift Card Icons (PNG)…

18 Gift Card Icons

Holiday icons, banners and buttons set that includes…

10 Premium Halloween Headers (JPEG)…

(not actual size)

Halloween Headers

60+ Halloween Icons (PNG)…

(actual size not shown)

Halloween Icons Sample

8 Holiday Icons (PNG+JPEG)…

holiday icons

32 Holiday Headers (JPEG), such as…

Holiday Headers sample

5 Item Hanukkah set (JPEG)…

hanukkah sample


32 Holiday Buttons (PNG+JPEG)…such as:

32 Holiday Buttons

3 Holiday Order Buttons (JPEG)…

Holiday Order Buttons

Red Santa Graphic Set (JPEG)…

Red Santa Set

That’s not even all! There are hundreds of other items which we haven’t mentioned – it’s just too much to fit into 1 page.

What can you do with this package? Anything, except resell it. We are granting you full right to use anything inside this package for either personal or commercial purposes. That means you can use everything inside this package in your own designs or your client designs.

So how much are we charging for this enormous package of over 1500 quality PSDs, PNGs and JPEGs? The 75 premium headers alone can be sold for at least $30 each . . . which means just the headers are worth $2250.  Even if we count $30 for each of the 340+ logos, they should be worth $10200. And what about all the other icons in this package…

So how much are we going to charge for this package that has a value of over $12450? Don’t worry, we won’t charge you $12450.

If we were to sell each item in here one by one even for $1, this package should be priced at $1500+.

We are not going to charge you $1500 either.

In fact, we are not even going to charge $150.

All we are asking for this package, in this crazy introductory offer, is $99.

But remember, this is a very limited time offer available exclusively to our loyal WebDesignDev readers, and we reserve the right to increase the price at any time.

Limited Time Offer

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