50 Awesome And Creative Web Designer Workspace Setups

50 Awesome And Creative Web Designer Workspace Setups

Anyone who works on a computer has a workspace. Some people’s work spaces are clean and look nice, whereas some people just go way over the top.

Designers spend a lot of time in front of computers, that’s pretty obvious. So why not make the most of it? With the right setup, your workstation can make you design better, feel more productive and enjoy the time spent working.

While it is extremely important to choose the best laptop or desktop computer for web design, it is equally important to set up your workstation in the most productive manner.

We have compiled a showcase of 50 different web designer workspace setups for you to see in which kind of environment other designers work and maybe inspire you to make your workspace even better.

Below, you’ll find an exclusive look at the offices of some popular web designers who decided to show us their desks.

We’re sure there are many other workstation setups on the internet, and if you find an uber cool one or simply just want to share your own workstation setup, feel free to drop in a comment.

Our favorite workspace from this list has to be either David L’s desk or Mike Svensson’s desk. What’s yours?

Ryno Burger

 Web Designer Workspace Setups

* * * * *

Falken Creative

Designer Workspace Setups

* * * * *

Evil Lair

 Web Designer Workspace Setup

* * * * *

Matt Brett

 Web Designer Workspace

* * * * *

On Call

 Web Designers Workspace Setups

* * * * *

Andy Sowards


* * * * *

Office Wordspace

 Web Designer Workspace

* * * * *

John O Nolan

Designer Workspace

* * * * *

Luke Whitson

Designer Workspace Setup

* * * * *



* * * * *

Freelancer Workspace

workspace design

* * * * *

Guidenzin – My Actual Workspace

workspace setup

* * * * *

Freelancer Workspace

workspace for designers

* * * * *

Extra Widescreen Setup

office setup

* * * * *

Mac Workspace

desk setup

* * * * *

Quatza Coalt

designer desk

* * * * *

Yvas Janse

web designer desk

* * * * *

Chief Resident

graphic designer desk

* * * * *

Home Office by Varkode

designer desks

* * * * *

Andy’s Workspace

designer desks setup

* * * * *

A Real Mac Workspace

designer desk setup

* * * * *

Shane Griffiths

work space

* * * * *

Danny Choo

work spaces

* * * * *

Sierra Line Studios

work space desk

* * * * *

Stefan Didak’s Setup

work space office

* * * * *


work space designer

* * * * *

Triple Display Corner Desk Utopia

work space web designer

* * * * *

Chris Spooner

work space creative

* * * * *

Alex Mangini

work space creatives

* * * * *

Desk Bound Gadget Overload

work space setup

* * * * *

Lights On

desk setup

* * * * *

Cinema Display Upright Office

designer desk

* * * * *

The Matrix

designer work

* * * * *

Tuartboy’s Workspace

designer study

* * * * *

Sunny Day at The Home Office

designer work place

* * * * *

Google HQ – 6 Displays

desk design

* * * * *

Clean Mac Setup

work space setup

* * * * *

Leopard Fever

work space designers

* * * * *

Mac Overload

 Creative Web Designer Workspace Setups

* * * * *

The Emotion Studio

 Creative Designer Workspace Setups

* * * * *

Post Production Studio

 Creative Web Workspace Setups

* * * * *

iMac, iBook and Macbook

 Creative Workspace Setups

* * * * *

Maik Fahldieck’s Workspace

 Creative Web Designer Workspace Setup

* * * * *

New Workstation

 Creative Workspace Setups

* * * * *

Dusan Stojanovic’s Workspace

 Creative Workspace

* * * * *

Mac vs. PC

 Creative Web Designer Workspace Setups desk

* * * * *

David L’s Desk

Creative Workspace desk

* * * * *

Mark Nutter’s Desk

Creative Workspace desks

* * * * *

Txuma Campos Desk

Creative Workspace computer desk

* * * * *

Mike Svensson’s Desk

Creative Workspace office

97 thoughts on “50 Awesome And Creative Web Designer Workspace Setups”

  1. i wish i can made this type of setup for my office in united kingdom.
    but i think its look like dreamy.

  2. simply awesome. very inspirational setups. gr8 for professionals. I am in my 3rd year of web developing and soon will have enough experience to setup like a pro.

  3. Sometimes I thought like: “Uh, just another Mac showcase” My fav is the freelancer workspace. One of the few where you can see someone is working there.

  4. Why would anyone need nine monitors? I think some of these people are being a little bit rediculous. I use my laptop with an extra monitor on one side, never needed anything else!

    Interesting post though!

  5. Wow, that’s quite the diverse array of workstations! My favorite personal addition as a multi-monitor fanatic was the purchase of a desk mounted monitor stand arms. Frees up your desk and looks amazing.

  6. crazy awesome stuff! but I do all my work on a Samsung mini laptop running Ubuntu and most days my desk is wherever I want it to be. I love that I can drive to a beach and work.

  7. Great stuff. In the future I hope to have 3 monitors and then the TV above, just like the “Extra Widescreen Setup”. Looks awesome!

    And check the smokin’ hot chick in Sierra Line Studios! 😀

  8. So.. “Great Workspace” is apparently defined by the number of monitors or cpus you have. Not much great here. *Crappy (*editted* by admin, in the future please do not use curse words on our site) desks/chairs, no views. Thought I’d be green with envy. Nope. Good for me.

  9. Sweet. I like “A Real Mac Workspace” coz it kinda indicate some real work done there (no corny neatness). N Stephen Didak’s workplace is awesome.

  10. WOW. What a great round-up. So cool to see how differently everyone works. I am determined to one day have my own graphic design business and this was a great intro to some styles of workspaces. I’ve made note of a few and will keep them in mind in the future. 😉

  11. Has a few studios that are really fantastic but there are some that are a real mess and are only there because of the aplle’s logo as “A real mac workspace”. Can not imagine how anyone can work on a pile of rubble like this. I hope that the customers of that person will never see the place where he works.

  12. Nice! That’s proof that our industry pays for itself and hopefully will not ever blink at our economical fluctuations the other industries are suffering from. I can’t wait to build my studio up to any of those levels.

  13. Some very cool workspaces! I have to say that the “real mac workstation” was my personal favorite. We just moved into our new offices so the next time you run your list our web designers will be able to show off their new spaces!

  14. It was cool to see how other people work. Some of the spaces were a little over the top. Why would you need so many monitors? It seems like some of the spaces gave Dr. Doom a run for his money.

  15. I love posts like this.

    I find it really interesting to see how people have their workspace’s set up.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of voyeurism!

  16. Hi

    Great information and some peoples work spaces are clean and look nice, where as some people just go way over the top. I have compiled a showcase of 50 different web designer workspace setups.

  17. I thought I was being over-the-top with multiple screens. This is a validating list. I wouldn’t mind having Stefan Didak’s setup.

  18. Those are truly awesome workspaces! Some of the workspaces are so beautiful, you can probably live in there. Your post is a win!

  19. Wow, so many of these are very nice, but a large group of them are quite terrible! Whose idea was it to post the setups with the most crap and clutter in them? They are less than inspiring.

    Not to mention #43 is totally fake. Great post none the less.

  20. Cada uno tiene su propio escritorio y sabe cual es el que nejor se acomoda a las necesidades de cada uno. pero hay algunos de estos escrotorios que realmente estan increibles, los felicito por la recopilacion xd. Saludos muy bueno el blog.

  21. thanks for the inclusion in the list, always great to see others set-ups…
    and given the number of hours we spend in front of them, should be fun!

    ps. mine is the 3 verticals one 🙂

  22. Thanks for publishing this list, some workspaces are really stylish and now I have a new argument why I definitely need a iMac myself… 🙂

  23. Sunny Day at The Home Office in my opinion, except not against the wall like that, I’d rather have it a little further out next to the window, but not too far as it would get some glare if it went too far.

    Would never be able to have a clean desk like that though, not possible in my world 😛

  24. Wow…. Some simply left me wordless… Now I have arguments for my wife that I’m not taking much space and 22” monitor is not big :)))

  25. I currently cannot even dream of any of the setup. And I see lots of Macs in there. Is Mac web designers choice?

    I am pretty much PC guy. I may buy a Mac if only they sell it in black. I will give 100 bucks extra for that.

        1. Gota love google search 😉

          Very nice – how do you find having the monitors on top of each other?

          Mine is so messy compared to all of these! Haha


  26. Wao! Impressive! Loved some of these setups! This might be a silly question, but how do some of these people manage to connect two monitors to one mac laptop? I have been trying to do that and have no idea how….

  27. We just redid our workspace and it’s amazing how a new perspective on things (and clean things) can make a difference. Great post!

  28. Looks great, but see above, just my 2cents.
    quote: “Would never be able to have a clean desk like that though”

    I like the drawings: “apple-w your eyes, apple o your mind” and
    “please do not apple-c create something apple-n”

  29. Some of those setups are unbelievable! Loving the crazy number of monitors in a few of those offices.

    Thanks for the inclusion too!

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