Art and Texture: 10 Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds

Textures in web design are very important and useful. Textures add depth to the website and paired with well-chosen colors will make your website look great and attract more readers. Using textures will increase readability and make the design look more professional. Background images also create an amazing atmosphere if designed properly. Here is a post … Read more Art and Texture: 10 Websites with Inspiring Backgrounds

5 News Sites For Your Design Inspiration

For many people, designing a content-based website is not unlike being the layout editor for a digital newspaper. It involves presenting headlines, stories, and images in a way that can cleanly convey a bigger picture and appeal to the reader – all while establishing a template suitable for constant updates and modifications. Not all websites … Read more 5 News Sites For Your Design Inspiration

The Art of the Up Sale: Top 5 Tips for Increasing Your Revenue

As we do business every day, we always wonder how to get more of it. More money, more clients, more dollars per hour while still being “competitive.” Sometimes it’s hard to make any of those things happen singly, especially all at the same time. A great way to increase your overall revenue (e.g. money in … Read more The Art of the Up Sale: Top 5 Tips for Increasing Your Revenue

The Best of Blog Comment Designs

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This is a follow up of our post from back in October titled “24 Wonderful But Different Blog Comment Form Designs”. This time, we are showcasing the best of blog comment designs. Some comment layouts may be threaded, and some aren’t, but they all look great.

17 Cheeky Fashion Blog Designs

Here is a collection of fashion blogs that I think will give you some design inspiration. Some are full of life, and very splashy, where as others have a nice simplistic design that is very easy to see where everything is. Let me know what one you think is your favorite and why.

Design Inspiration For Bonfire Night


Today, 5th November is bonfire night, or firework night as some people call it. So I have compiled a nice little inspirational showcase filled with logos, vector artwork and website designs. Which one is your favorite, and what one don’t you like?

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