How to choose the best hosting solution for your website | Hostinger Review

How to choose the best hosting solution for your website | Hostinger Review

Do you need hosting for your website but don’t know what to choose? Today, we decided to analyze Hostinger – an affordable and reliable hosting solution that’s currently being used by over 29,000,000 people and give you a few insights on what you need to know in order to choose the best hosting solution for your website.

Different types of hosting solutions

First of all, you should know that there are different types of hosting solutions you can choose from, suitable for different types of webmasters.

Shared Hosting

This is the cheapest type of hosting you can buy for your site. It means that your website is hosted alongside multiple other websites on the same server. Each website has a specific storage space and amount of resources allocated to it. This may be the best solution for you if you don’t have too much money to invest in your site and you’re just launching it, meaning your traffic will be low. It may be a good option for small sites and blogs.

VPS Hosting

This is the upgraded shared hosting solution. It is a virtual private server (VPS) setup that uses hardware that’s better and more powerful and even though multiple websites are still stored on the same server, each one of them uses a virtualization software that let them operate as if they were hosted on dedicated smaller servers.

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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting s a great hosting solution for professional webmasters. It means that each website will have its own dedicated server and unlike the VPS hosting or shared hosting solution, the website/user won’t share the resources and storage space with others. It’s a more expensive solution but a preferable one for people with larger websites.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting takes it to the next level. Webmasters are allowed to tap into multiple servers that are all linked together and designed to take over when needed. This means your downtime will be close to 0, which is crucial for very large websites with a lot of traffic. Even when you have huge spikes of traffic, your website is unlikely to go down, as the cloud hosting will raise the needed resources on demand. It’s expensive, but a great solution for pro webmasters.

So now that you are familiar with the four types of hosting solutions you can choose from, how do you decide which hosting service is the best one for you? We decided to analyze Hostinger in depth and extract some of the main features you should be looking into.

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Hostinger Review

Hostinger is a mix of shared and cloud hosting with a setup that gives a fast website loading experience and almost 100% uptime at very affordable costs.

Web Shared Hosting

Web Shared Hosting

The web hosting package offered by Hostinger is the best choice for small and fresh websites.

  • It’s cheap. There are three different shared hosting plans you can choose from single, premium and business – ranging from $2.15/mo to $7.95/mo.
  • Live Chat Support. This is important for any hosting company. If something happens to your site you need to have 24/7 support so you’ll know that your problem will be solved ASAP and the downtime is minimized.
  • 30-day trial program. You can test it for 30 days before deciding if this is the best solution for your site.
  • Unlimited web hosting features offered for the Premium and Business plans. This has some features integrated from the cloud hosting technology. It’s essential because it will minimize the risks of downtime due to sudden spikes in traffic.
  • Frequent backups. The backups are run on cloud-based technology with 3x optimized WordPress speed,.
  • Unmetered SSD disk space & bandwidth for your Premium and Business hosting packs.
  • MySQL databases, Email accounts & FTP users.
  •  Free SSL with Premium & Business website hosting plans. The SSL security certificate is crucial for security and high SEO rankings.
  • Free Website Builder. Any web hosting plan gives you access to the free website builder. No need for any coding knowledge, you’ll be able to build your own site easily using the drag and drop interface.
  • Hosting optimized for WordPress. WordPress sites are incredibly popular so if you have a WP site, then you should choose a hosting service that is familiar with this CMS and gives you some special features adapted to your site’s specific needs. Their WordPress hosting will speed up your website without overpaying. WordPress sites also run up to 50% faster with their full SSD storage.

Business Hosting

Business Hosting

This is the best package for multiple larger-scale and growing websites,  high-traffic eCommerce websites, or generally resource-heavy websites and projects.

If your website is growing at a fast pace, shared hosting may not be good for you. Business hosting is a mix between VPS hosting and shared hosting, giving you all the features you need for your fast growing site at minimum costs.

Besides having most of the features mentioned above for the shared web hosting solution, the business hosting package also comes with:

  • Custom Control Panel. Business hosting is integrated with an innovative and easy to use control panel that gives you access to all the essential tools in one place.
  • Dedicated IP and Resources. Isolated virtual instances are used to run business hosting websites, so you will have complete control over your resources and limits.
  • Automated Backups. No need to worry about losing your site. Regular backups are done for you.
  • Quick and Easy Setup. Business hosting gives you instant activation so you can launch your site immediately.
  • Integrated Caching. It has an inbuilt cache manager to make your websites even faster!

VPS hosting

VPS hosting

Hostinger offers a cheap VPS hosting platform so you will no longer need to share your server resources. It is powered by Linux virtual private servers (VPS) and gives you complete control over the dedicated server space, full SSH root, cloud infrastructure and more. It has limitless scalability for the resources at very affordable costs.

There are 6 plans to choose from, ranging from ~$8/mo to ~$65/mo, each packed with a dedicated IP, full root access, 100 MB/S network, IPv6 support and SSD disk drives.

  • VPS hosting control panel. You will use this to easily manage your virtual private server.
  • Dedicated in-house Live chat support team. Support is offered 24/7/365 with no delays or waiting lines.
  • Top-level Data Backups. Safety is important, and with this option, you will be able to backup and restore all your folders, files and databases with just a couple of clicks. It is powered by cloud technology and double RAID protection.
  • Easy Web Script & OS installer. This hosting solution is developer friendly.
  • Dedicated IP with IPv4 & IPv6. All VPS hosting plans are packed with dedicated IPv4 & IPv6 Internet protocols.
  • The best hardware & SSD space. This guarantees that your site will run with top level performance and high speed.

2 thoughts on “How to choose the best hosting solution for your website | Hostinger Review”

  1. Great work with the review! I ran into different prices when checking myself, but they were even lower so that’s really good.

  2. Hostinger cloud plan has been a life saver for me. I deleted some of my site and did not even notice the daily backups I had. As soon as I saw them, it really saved my day!!! A huge thumbs up to the team and recommendations to any reader of this blog.


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