9 Myths About Freelancers And Freelancing

Many people are mistaken by what a freelancer actually is and how they use their time. There are many myths that clients think about freelancers, freelance work, or becoming a freelancer. I have made a short list of freelance myths, and what the reality of the myth actually is.

50 Amazing Flash Website Designs

Over the last few years, flash has evolved a lot and what was once frowned upon when used in websites, has now been accepted and used in 1000’s of different ways across some of our most loved websites. Today we have created a list of our favorite 50 flash website designs for you flash lovers out there!

100 Fantastic Resources For Web Designers

Today Andy and I decided to produce a top list of our favourite 100 resources that we have used and enjoyed over the past few months. These resources include icons (my personal favourite), Wordpress Themes, Plugins, Software, Applications and some really cool tutorials made by us and other great websites.

Vimeo! The Best Video Host For Web Designers

Most designers need to host videos online at some point, whether this is annual showcases of your work, tutorials you have made, or video edits for a client. There are so many video hosting services to choose from now a days, but Vimeo outshines them all.

How To Create a Green Grunge Web Layout

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a green grunge layout. There are over 60 steps, so it may take quite a few hours to finish. All the brushes and images I have used are available to download for free from the links I have provided.

20 Rules All Freelancers Should Follow

Sometimes when being a freelancer things go wrong because we haven’t properly prepared. Today we have put together a list of sort of rules to follow as a web freelancer, let us know which of these you follow and which ones you wish you knew before something bad happened.

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