Tips To Create A Clean Structured About Page

Tips To Create A Clean Structured About Page

When it comes to an about page, think outside the box. Try to think of something new and creative that’s different form the rest of your site. Of course display images of you / your staff, and descriptions of each, but try to lay it out in a very fun way, whistle keeping it clean and readable. Title image by (thanks!).

Put An Image of Yourself Up

Put an avatar at least on your about page. It shows the client who they are paying to do their work, and that it is a real person. If you feel really creative, try making something like below.


Organize Your Page Into Sections

Put your about page into sections, such as What we do, who we are, who we work with, etc.


Sell Yourself / Your Company

Add a few sentences to sell your company, and even add little icons like studio 7 designs (below).


Space Out Text With Images

Sometimes when you have lots of text it can be hard to continue if you loose your place. Try and insert relevant images to space out some text. It will also improve the overall look of your about page.


Display Your Team

If there are more than one of you that work for your company, why not display an avatar along with a description of each staff member? Many companies do it, and it looks really good!


Use Fonts, Colours, Headings and Backgrounds

Spice up your about page with world class fonts, delicious backgrounds, beautiful headings and a nice palette of colours.


Maybe Display A Testimonial Or Two

If you have client testimonials, you can always display them on your about page.


Make Your Main Title Stand Out

Sell your about page. Make your main title stand out. Making it large and centered is a good idea.


Display Your Skillset Beautifully

Instead of listing your skills within your text, like “Skilled in: Photoshop, PHP, HTML” etc, why not approach it creatively. I love what Rob Palmer has done.


Just Be Creative

Last but not least, just be creative. Think on the wild side of the box, and approach your about page layout like its a design for a high paying client.


23 thoughts on “Tips To Create A Clean Structured About Page”

  1. It’s always worth trying new things and checking out website designs that other people have come up with for inspiration.

  2. Thanks, i really needed to source this info for a project i’m working on. You are a LEGEND! Thanks! :0) I will post a link on here again when i’m done so you can see it! I have a feeling you will like it from what i have read!

  3. We run a free web design lesson for local business owners and we took a look through this post and a lot of my students found it very useful and a real eye opener!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Excellent advice. I will definitely be using the skill set idea on my page. I like the idea of the icon too for recognition. Thanks for the post Andy!

  5. @Karol: people like graphics rather than text 😉 an image is more readable in mind than text.. So I agree with Andy. 🙂

  6. Nice tips.

    However I don’t agree with ‘Display Your Skillset Beautifully’. It’s important to show your skills, that’s true. However sometimes… if you have too many skills – simple text and some kind of ‘bio’ would be much better than huge fonts and icons.

    1. I wasn’t trying to say display your skillset in huge fonts etc. I used that one as an example. Even if you have a lot of skills, display them different to everything else and make them stand out.

  7. You have some really nice tips and tricks in your wallet, that you often share with others time after time…:)
    Thanks Micheal

  8. Nice article, good reminders for what this page should contain. I’ll have to mess around with my camera sometime. =P

  9. Photos with the person looking up are always nice.
    I’ve got one like that of my son with a Disney Dalmation cap on when he was roundabout 2 years old or so.

    This is always pretty difficult. It is “about us/you”, but you can not get too personal.
    But if you don’t tell enough, visitors start asking questions.

    Karl should have been scaled a bit smaller. It looks like he is not really holding the window.

    Love Desgin Disease ( Double D ) :p
    Wicked fast loading WP themes with ueber layouts.

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